Monday, March 19, 2018

Spring is trying...

It is a known fact that if you live in SC and you do not like the weather just stick around it will drastically change in a few days.  This year is no exception to the rule , springs arrival seems far away according to the weather forecast.  One day it is pushing 80 degrees and freezing the next night.  The flowers are confused but still giving a preview of what is in store!

The Yoshino Cherry tree is gradually opening its blossoms...Hopefully the freezing nights have not damaged all of its blooms...this tree is loaded at spring..

Wishful thinking!

The weather has been perfect for the Pansy and Violets.

The Carolina Jasmine makes a great show with licorice scent.. and does not seem to mind the cold ....a quick note on this plant....It is toxic notice honey bees do not feed on this plant but bumble bees do..they are immune...Keep it away from pets that sample everything and your small has been mistaken for Honeysuckle and made kids very sick.  

Although it is a toxic It is pretty!  

The Lady Banks is truly happy on it pergola and it loves it's left over morning tea and tea bags as well as stale coffee from the coffee maker and it's grounds.  I also on occasions will dump cooled pasta water on it.  

Lovely delicate Poms for flowers on a thorn less vine.  The bark is unique in that it peels with papery layers underneath.

The Blueberry Highbush is in bloom.  This is a wild blueberry shrub.  It has tiny very sweet berries that you have to race the birds to get any.  

We are all looking forward to the balmy new days of spring.  
You have a happy day...

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 

Although it is not snowing here this Christmas ,actually it was almost 80 degrees yesterday, I posted this picture to remind me of how quickly life changes.  

This picture was taken on March the 12th of this year and I took it while walking out of the house headed to Baptist Medical Center in Columbia SC to relieve  my  Husband, he had been with our oldest son  all night.  He was giving me a nights sleep at home.
Joe had been admitted into the hospital with Kidney failure and other complications and we were counting our blessings that he survived. We were counting our blessings that he was in a room and out of intensive Care...We were so thankful for David's family who made sure we had a good meal everyday..  We were counting our blessings that within this stay a few things were literally coming apart and we were able to , My husband and I , to pull it all back together.  That we had each other as well as our younger Son Kirk.  He has on more than one occasion stepped up to the plate and taken care of things that most brothers would never have to do. 

 Our circle is small and we depend only on each other and with God's Help we manage to get through some tough times. 
So this Christmas is like everyday here... We celebrate ....We are blessed....we are humble...we are dependent on the Love and Grace of God to make it through everyday....We pray that everyday he show us the true Joy in our life and that it fills us .

From our humble home we wish you Joy, Peace and Magic this holiday season!
David, Sheryl, Joseph and Kirkland

Monday, November 27, 2017

Shabby upcycled handmade Christmas sockings

I challenged myself to stock my very small 8 x 5 booth with Daily and holiday decor that is more than 50% recycled.  In other words no money to little money will go in to materials.
This is Idea 8:
COST zero dollars..nothing had to be purchased to finish this project..

I had a  beautiful quilted coverlet that a rogue sock and weary laundry day destroyed.  Destroyed to the point that a strategically placed pillow would not hide the stains.

As well as a stained  bed spread..I have plenty of lace...

And a sewing machine and plenty of thread...

The most difficult part of this project was deciding what shape and size I wanted the stockings to be.  I made a pattern from brown paper and got started looking for the non stained areas on the coverlet  to cut.

Since I was going for a shabby vintage look I left the top edges raw and used the hem from the coverelet to make hanger loops with.  Super simple PROJECT!

While I  was digging around in my craft room I found an old fertilizer cotton bag...and some really cool prim stockings were born...

These had an extra step..I lined them with muslin to make sure they do not unravel.   I made rough primitive hangers out of left over scraps.
These, and a few more, will be available at Vintage Collections  in Camden!
Happy DECOR!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Aging and stenciling metal buckets..

I challenged myself to stock my very small 8 x 5 booth with Daily and holiday decor that is more than 50% recycled.  In other words no money to little money will go in to materials.
This is Idea 7:

Aging and stenciling metal buckets...

This project has a little more investment in it....but the learning curve and the results are well worth it!

I have been intrigued with the process of Aging metal. I am most intrigued with the concept of Aging metal with household items.  With this project I took new buckets I purchased from Tractor Supply and Lysol toilet bowl cleaner and aged them to look like they had been sitting on the farm for years. The process is very simple. You will need a few simple supplies I found buckets at Tractor Supply and they were a three-pack of Steel buckets for $12.99. I also purchased a container of Lysol power toilet bowl cleaner I think it roughly cost me about 3 bucks. With this project I also had gloves, a mask, an old paintbrush and goggles or safety glasses  to protect your eyes.  ( Lysol is acid).  Do this out side in a well ventilated area.!

I brushed on the lysol with a large brush.  It is thick and really adhered to the side of the bucket.  I also brushed the interior.  I let the lysol sit for about and hour and a half then reapplied a light coat over the old coat,  and let it set another hour and a half.  when I felt (or saw ) that the process had been long enough I rinsed the buckets really well rubbing them with a rag to remove the lysol and stop the process, then air dried.  There was a white residue on the buckets and some you wanted but you did not want so much that it came off on your hands when you handled it.  A nylon scrubber removed the loose bits then I wiped the bucket down with a damp cloth and let air dry again..

Where the lysol ran down the sides of the bucket in the inside, it pooled.  Where the lysol pooled it really ate off the top coat till rust started to form......

Not quiet the effect I wanted...however was able to fix it with a little spray metallic paint...just hit or miss you do not want full coverage just want to hide, not make look new.....

Now that the bucket is aged and the inside has been addressed time to stencil.

I chose three Christmas themes and the Feed bucket is my favorite!

The first challenge was to stencil on a curved surface using projector sheets.  

Using A cameo Silhouette I found the clip art and created the text designs for the buckets and cut them out of overhead projector sheets, Making stencils that can be reused.  

I had to cut down the 8x11 inch sheet to fit the side of the bucket....

A few mental notes....Center your design on the bucket before you cut it and crease the sheet at the top and bottom edges so that you have a idea of where to cut...

When you cut make sure you cut your edges in a slight arch ...that way you can move the stencil a little more freely to get it positioned where you want it.  If you have difficulty eyeballing then you will need a ruler to measure your distances from top and bottom....

Once you get the stencil positioned you are ready to add paint...

The paint I chose is Waverly chalk paint in crimson.  You can find it at Walmart or order it on line.  I order on line because it is cheaper and I will be ordering enough to get free shipping.  And life is really good when chalk paint arrives at your door step!

 I like to use make up sponges to stencil on metal and painted surfaces with.  They do not hold a lot of paint and do not leave stipple marks....I also had some brown paper to protect my table with, q tips to clean mistakes with , container to hold paint and paper towel to dab on.

Waverly paint is thick luscious paint designed for coverage, I did not water it down.  It being a little thick made it hard to seep under the stencil.

Same rules apply to technique pounce gently up and down making sure not to rub against your stencil edges.  ...and hit somewhere you do not want paint...Hence the Q tip on stand by....

A damp Q tip rubbed this mistake off....

You will need to seal your chalk paint.  If you use paint that does not need to be sealed like craft paint then you are good to go from here.  I used some paste wax with wavery white wax mixed in....sealed the whole bucket with a oxidized look.  

I did not sand the design because I did not want to mess up the aging on the bucket....

These would make some great gift buckets....or would hold a little rosemary tree or fake fir...well you get the idea....
These will be available at Vintage Collections Down town Camden next week....

Hoping your are excited about the Holidays.

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Barn Screen to Inspirational decor

I challenged myself to stock my very small 8 x 5 booth with Daily and holiday decor that is more than 50% recycled.  In other words no money to little money will go in to materials.
This is Idea 6:
Recently at a yard sale I lucked up and found an old metal screened window...and it was on the cheap. ..

Chippy and Lovely...I scraped the loose paint off and sealed it with clear coat with a matte finish.
Cleaned the dust from the old metal screen and hit it with some rubbed oiled bronze spray paint...Had some laying around as well as the clear coat.  

I also had the wax paper and cutting machine and paint I needed to stencil it....

The most difficult part of this project was stenciling an uneven surface, the screen was warped in places..and to boot when you peel paper from a cutting mat is may want to curl on you .  So the stencil would curl and not lay flat on the screen.....

The first approach was to iron it flat on the screen made the paper lay flat but it did not say put so the centers of the letters wanted to shift, making the letters look wonky...

The solution was magnets.  
Those that you get from the vet or dr office that have information on them...they cut easily.  So I was able to lay them  between lettering to hold the stencil.

I still had to hold the edges down as I stenciled but it was much easier with the help of the magnets.  Mental note:  make sure you use a absorbent backer when stenciling screen.  It will make your design a lot neater by not letting the paint pool and goop up the screen holes.

The extra details make this...there are two top brackets with holes...easy hangers...

and I left the latches on the bottom....

I will have to admit that it was difficult to get rid of this ....However it was for sale at market days and has sold!.

There is potential in the most unlikely places!  You just have to look.

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