Thursday, June 15, 2017

I got it covered!

In a kitchen remodel we decided to go with open upper shelving.  I house my pots and pans on this wall above the stove.   and YEP!  The lids to the pans that are not used on a weekly basis get a little filmy.  

I have some vintage linen napkins that would make great pot lid covers.  They would be reusable and match the retro vintage theme of some of my kitchen.

Now to you linen collectors no linen with out stain or hole was injured during this project.  
I gathered my materials I needed with my machine....

estimated what the large button hole had to be in the center of the napkin to accommodate the largest pot lid handle.  

Marked the center of the napkin with pins , set the stitch length to the lowest setting on my machine with the zig zag stitch selected..and made a large button hole....snipped a slit in the center and.....

I HATE plan B!
I am glad I only made one!

PLAN B: Get a paper towel...bare with me it looks pretty good from where I am standing...

Fold it in quarters....put the center of your paper towel in the center of the lid will leave an impression on the towel ,

 then cut your round.  Cut a slit in the center large enough to go over your handle and you are done.  If it is still clean when you take the pot down reuse it..if not throw it out and make a new only takes a min or two...a lot less time then washing the lid every time you take the pot down.

barely notice it!

Moral of this post:  All of these wonderful ideas in blog land did not always start out wonderful ideas. Sometimes you go back to the "drawing Board" and re approach an idea several times before you get your desired out come.  So try again!   

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Its an Option....

I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite little Thrift shops in Cola. SC .  The people are so nice in this store and they are a spiritual bunch as well..always refreshing.  The gal working the register commented that she had not seen me in quiet a while 'where have I been?' I explained to her that my sons health had taken a drastic turn, and he was now in Dialysis, and I was taking the time to get a little retail therapy.

He makes a great Allen Jackson for Halloween

 She immediately was so sorry that he was in Dialysis and how hard it must be.  The Lord at that time took hold of my tongue and heart and I replied to her "Its an option and with out it the circumstances could be so much more painful".  I was reminded, even in what we see as tough spots, fail to see that it is an option.  I have DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis it is a life threatening condition and I take Warfrin ...blood thinners treat it. I have to watch my diet and get regular blood checks to make sure that I am not too thin...also a life threatening condition.  But you know it is an option.  With out an option I more than likely would not be here.  I guess it is like not being able to see the forest from the trees .  Fear and despair are difficult things to see clearly through.  They make our minds and hearts operate in despair and not in faith.  So three days a week we load my little "Alan Jackson" up and head to takes us 5-6 hours round trip but its and Option.  We love him and so appreciate that we still have him .  He gives the best hugs and Kisses...we are loved....and he is loved and we thank God for options!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

From dresser to bench..

It is so much easier to drastically alter a piece of furniture when it is just not cutting it as its original purpose.  It being a freebie is also a great motivator to go to Mr. RTI with a jig saw and a plan.

This dresser had some repairs already.  the top had been replaced with some plywood and a pretty rough trim added. The corners had not been mitered, it was pretty rough.  A few drawers were coming apart but the frame work was pretty sturdy.  Solution convert it in to a bench with drawer storage.

I removed the drawers and we cut the legs down to remove some damage.  We also removed the top that was very sturdy and would make a great bench seat.

We measured what Height we wanted it to be and marked all sides....

Cut it and reattached the top.  I used Southern Honey paint and distressed the final finish.  

I added vintage hardware as it was...and each drawer had different hardware ......

I decoupaged the drawers with vintage children's book pages in black and white. (no worries the book was in pretty bad shape I just managed to get enough pages)

My thoughts on this:  A perfect item to sit at the foot of a bed to hold linens or a blanket.  A perfect addition to the mud room, a place to sit and take off your shoes and store them in the drawers.  Either way it is used it was a fun and rewarding project!


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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Industrial cabinet make over

You do not find metal drawer cabinets that often and when you do they can be quiet pricey!  So when I found this one for under 20 bucks...even though it's drawers missing I snatched it up!  

The Plan:  Kitchen Storage

It was in nice somewhat clean shape.  I used a mixture of rubbing alcohol and a Mr. clean sponge to get the heavy marks off and to sanitize the drawers...

IT worked beautifully !

The pen and sharpie marks are gone...the normal wear I am not that worried about.
I elected not to paint it because, I like the industrial color and could not think of another color I would rather have.  

I now had to deal with the missing drawers.  I thought about baskets or custom made slide in wooden drawers then it hit me.  I have pets and am not as young as I used to be .."will I really use the lower drawers?"  So a kick plate it was.  I had some great aged scrap in the stash at the woman cave and asked Mr. RTI to help me measure and to cut it the size. I needed
To give the cabinet "balance" so I also added a piece of maple from my Dad's Shop for a top.

The next step was deciding what I was going to store in the cabinet. Spice?...utensils?

Since I have recently dedicated a drawer near my prep area to spices..

Mental note:  This was one of the smartest things I have done in my kitchen.  I saves steps time and makes putting spices back up so much more easy. I also added to this drawer a set of long handled measuring spoons that will reach in to every jar easily.

No not all jars are the same size or type however they all fit and I can see what I have at a glance.  BIG TIME SAVER!

Now back to the cabinet.
Spices are taken care of so I elected to use the cabinet for utensils that I use however not every day and various kitchen items that fall under the same category.
To make it all easy to find I added labels to the label holders on the drawer to indicate what was in it.  Yes this was tedious...and I kid you not I had to hang in there to finish.  I struggled with this part of the project however it was worth the effort.  Every thing can be found at a glace.
Here is the theory on the labels :
Not what the item is but what the item does.  Ex.  There is a drawer dedicated to "Grate"  If it grates it is in the drawer...One to , "Strain"  If it strains then it is in the drawer.   

The empty Drawers I put blank labels on and will use the Ptouch to add them as I find uses for the drawers.  

The top has a fruit bowl and basket for mail...and a great spot to rest a cool vintage pyrex refrigerator Dish..  I even added to a lower drawer  Lysol to hit that trash can with and wipes to wipe it down when needed.  Less steps and less time looking for what you need.  A WIN WIN!

You can read about my first craft room metal cabinet upcycle here

Hope you are inspired to organize an area in your kitchen or bath..or closet ..Just bite the bullet and do it.  You will not be sorry!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Little blue desk!

I found it at a yard sale for 10 bucks...who can pass that up!
Smartphone photo alert.

I stripped the hardware off ,cleaned and lightly sanded before applying paint.

I mixed some Southern Honey white with a turq. blue for a custom color. 

I started to paint the inside white but changed my mind when I found a vintage child's paper back book with graphics that match the paint.  Decoupage it is....

Mental note so that I could open and shut the drop down I inserted a heavy duty paper clip in the hardware hole so that I could open and shut it with out leaving prints in the paint.

After 3 coats of paint...some decoupage, wax and new hardware it was ready to go!

I make my own decoupage medium from elmers glue and water. 
2 parts glue..1 part water.  If my paper is heavier I may make it a little thicker...if my paper is fragile and vintage I thin it out.   

Not to bad...a great addition to any kids room....

Have a good one!

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sentimental work bench

It has been a while since I have posted simply because the struggle has been real this year.  With that being said this post is bitter sweet.  We experienced a substantial lost in our family this year ..My father.  Stage 4 lung cancer and the complications of chemotherapy won.  After all of the arrangements were made and the dust had settled my mother informed me that anything in Daddy's shop I could have..those were his wishes. 
 He had stashed in a pile some poplar boards they had been there for over 20 years and beautiful.

  I, with some power tools and things that reminded me of him, took the boards.  I had no idea what I wanted to use them for....maybe some projects to resell ... I was not sure then, Mr. Red Tin Inn suggested that I use them for something for me.  He suggested a work bench in my shop and shelving in the laundry room.  (two places that gets a lot of use)  I hesitated at first on the work bench but Mr. RTI's words "what better way to honor your father than to use something he left you (literally) as a foundation for your work.  I was convinced......

This is where I started.  A modge podge of surfaces.  I did want to keep the rolling kitchen island now shop work surface.  

We decided that two boards wide was a good size and then measured how long we wanted the bench to extend down the wall as well as how high.  We removed the rolling metal bench I have plans for it later.  

Our Volunteer helper for today!

The frame was built and installed on the wall...using hefty wood screws through the frame into  wall studs .

The top was installed and the center leg is a 4x4 fence post that was in my stash.

The end post is a 2x2.  We left enough room on the back wall to store the router table I inherited.  I did add locking casters to the table feet so that I could roll it out easily.

The wood was extremely dry from being stored for 20 plus years so I elected to tint some hemp oil with stain and give it a few coats.  And yes it dried with out being tacky.

This project turned out better than I expected.  Mr. RTI has done it again!

The bench is high enough to house the rolling cart ...this extends my work space and is a great drying area or smaller projects.  He also took into account the height of the drill press making sure that it would sit on the top.  (I will have to admit I have a small step stool I have to stand on if I am using it,  I also inherited the drill press and grinder)

The singer base from the first shop photo.  Love the new rustic sorda steam punk look this is in my booth.

Some Thoughts for the Season:
The Christmas traditions are going to be hard this year with the loss of my father however the celebration of Christmas is still going to be a marvel to behold. The commemoration of the beginning of a prophecy so great that thousands of years later it is still celebrated and believed. The birth of the Messiah, the Savior and deliverer; THE BEGINNING of,the promise, that at this very moment the ones that you miss and love are on streets of gold . They are without pain and brushing shoulders with angels. Although the traditions of Christmas will be missing loved ones...the spiritual celebration will be full of hope and love and belief. LET'S NOT FORGET WHAT WE ARE REALLY CELEBRATING!

Love and Cheer from My home to Yours....