Ann Tique 101

I have this wonderful friend that encourages me in all things good!  I do hope that every one can say that.  She has recently encouraged me to start back in the Antique Booth business.  Renting 100 sq. feet at a local mall and packing it with goodies. ..and of course most of the goodies have to have Annie Sloan paint make overs (the really fun part).  Ms. Ann has the coolest booths in town...

 (forgive the smart phone photos!)

She does Primitive, eclectic and modern.

 Shabby chic, stencil, and ..Is that half a globe as a lamp shade?  I need to ask her about that!

She up cycles, recycles and I never would have considered that.
Yep I have been bitten!  I am obsessed with paint, junk and blogging!  I will post photos of my booth when I have graduated to Ann tique status.....

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  1. Can't wait to see the post of YOUR booth....appreciate the kind words.