about us....

Where life is Good, and Love and Joy are abundant , Thanks to Gods Grace!

I have found myself with endless cups of coffee and many hours getting lost with talented bloggers.  I am constantly amazed by the creativity and inspiration that is conveyed in the pages and pages that I have been privileged to stumble upon.  With all that inspiration  I will attempt to create a blog!  I will change..learn and make many mistakes and hope that if you should be clicking in, that you hang in there with me or shoot me a few pointers.... I will need them...Now a  little about myself.   I have three boys , two I gave birth to and one that I married.  I live in South Carolina and I have all my life.

Here we are!

 The guy sitting is my oldest at 19, Alan Jackson I mean Joseph. The big Guy in the back is my youngest at 17, Kirk.  The handsome older distinguished guy is the better half (Handy Hubby) David. As I sure you have already gathered our family plays and lives a little differently than most.  The somewhat meaty gal is me, Sheryl.  I am a full time housewife and mother.  I will eventually make a page just for the challenges and triumphs of our clan.  The Main Goal of this blog is to share what I have learned through Pinterest, crafting ideas, home projects , share household tips and most of all creative alternatives for a BUDGET. I have wonderful friends here that inspire me and I hope I can persuade them to let me feature their handy dandy work.


  1. Hi Sheryl! You have a fine looking family. I enjoyed reading your bio. I know what you mean, there are soooo many talented folks out there. I could spend hour upon hour oohing and aahing! Thanks for hopping over to comment on my rusty tray.

  2. i just stumbled onto your blog via home talk i signed up for email xx

  3. I am sorry that I missed you at my store today - Tucked Away Treasures. I love your painting style!

    1. I so enjoyed your store today..what fun and came out with some cool items...You take and hope to see you again.....