My promise to my readers

I have a few blogs that I love the content however the pop-up ads and running adds in the sidebar turn me off.  I will stop following or not visit a blog  trying to sell.  My promise to my readers:  I will never run an add on my blog.  You Will never get a pop up advertisement.  I do not have a large following..I only get around 1000 hits a month but those people got content only.  I will post my booth pictures and my etsy shop is in the sidebar sitting quietly.  No pressure. I try to offer information that you can take or leave.  If I like a product I will say so if I do not I will say nothing.  I hope the amount of time you are spending with me is with out pressure to do anything else or buy anything.  Just pop in and Pop out...I am glad that you did!


  1. Sherry, I want to suscribe to your blog, I just fell in love with it all, but
    feedburner, does not work, I went to my email to verify it, NOTHING!!!
    Please change from feedburner, I have lost soooo many blogs this way.

    1. I hope that you get this reply...If you follow me on pinterest...or Facebook you can still see my posts....And Thank you ! I try to make it easy..simple and no hassle or pressure...just like my home....and you are always welcome....if you do not have Facebook or pinterest shoot me a line back..I will try to place another link in order to follow...Have a good one!