Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kitchen clock upcycle time for your meds!

Recently we upgraded a portion of our kitchen you can read about it HERE.  An unexpected part of this update was a clock wine bar that was up cycled in to a Medicine/what ever cabinet.

We were on our way back to the store to look for a replacement idea for the medicine cabinet/whatever.  We were using a prefab double door pantry cabinet and wanted to add something new in the mist of the excitement of our remodel.  We passed a yard sale and had to stop.  There  was a  large clock wine bar ...roughly 7 feet tall...that was a steal at 5.00 bucks..yep...5.00.  It was that cheap because the backer board was busted..not a problem .  It was a yellow off white yucky color..not a problem ....First things first..address the when I am painting a piece of furniture for my own home...I am not that worried about the inside especially if the door will be closed.  I mixed a few colors of chalk paint I had to get this french blue...Made sure I mixed enough to complete and touch up .  I do not normally write formulas when mixing paint.  

This is a neat item.  the cock will come out of the top if you  just want a clear door and the clock works.  It has some really nice detailed legs....

And is heavy!  This is all wood except the backer board...I did not get a photo of the back however I will let you know how I addressed it.  Since this was going in a corner against a wall I did not finish the out side of the back.  I taped the busted areas front and back getting them as even and smooth as possible.  Then glued on Paint able wall paper on the inside - side.  The wall paper made for a sturdy covering and was white I did not paint it.  No one is the wiser well except for you....(WINK)

I was a little shocked when we sat it in ...was not expecting it to be so large!  or wide.  However it grows on you and really holds allot.  I left the pull out tray and drawer as well as stem ware rack in it.  It hold all medications and plastic wrap and bags..nice space freed up in the pantry.  The top Behind the clock is the distilled water I used for Humming bird feed...with some room to spare.

Underneath we kick off our shoes at the back door.  

I finished the out side with Johnson's paste wax.  Yes..I hand sanded, waxed and buffed this item.  It was a lot of work and calories however it feels wonderful.  Hint on paste wax...there is never too little...the less you smear on the easier it is to buff back out.  I use a wax brush that you can find at Joann's by Folk art ..take your coupon.. paper, text or off their app on your phone. (they will accept more then one coupon if from a different source..IE you can use all three on three items at one time) My large brush cost me around  9.00 bucks and I like it.  If you are currently using a high end brush I am sure you will find fault.  However if you just want a brush to get the job done and clean up easy (with dawn) this is a economical alternative to a 50.00 brush that you will pay shipping on.

I sprayed small knobs with rubbed oil bronze paint to match the counter tops and pulls...

I think the clock added some whimsy to the kitchen as well as utility.  

I am glad that you stopped by.  I hope that you have been inspired to see furniture in a new light!  I with a little creativity and elbow grease it can be perfect for ya!

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  1. Among all the prescription bottles and nutritional supplement bottles, I just have found no good organizer. I think you have a wonderful idea here--although I suspect something similar will cost me a whole lot more than $5! Nice going! (And I love your kitchen re-do.)

    1. I was one lucky gal to find this...and the price was a bonus..Thank you for the lovely comments and the kitchen redo was long in coming! take care and hope to run in to you again...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for stopping by and for the lovely comment!