Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Industrial cabinet make over Awesome Kitchen Storage...organization

You do not find metal drawer cabinets that often and when you do they can be quiet pricey!  So when I found this one for under 20 bucks...even though it's drawers missing I snatched it up!  

The Plan:  Kitchen Storage

It was in nice somewhat clean shape.  I used a mixture of rubbing alcohol and a Mr. clean sponge to get the heavy marks off and to sanitize the drawers...

IT worked beautifully !

The pen and sharpie marks are gone...the normal wear I am not that worried about.
I elected not to paint it because, I like the industrial color and could not think of another color I would rather have.  

I now had to deal with the missing drawers.  I thought about baskets or custom made slide in wooden drawers then it hit me.  I have pets and am not as young as I used to be .."will I really use the lower drawers?"  So a kick plate it was.  I had some great aged scrap in the stash at the woman cave and asked Mr. RTI to help me measure and to cut it the size. I needed
To give the cabinet "balance" so I also added a piece of maple from my Dad's Shop for a top.

The next step was deciding what I was going to store in the cabinet. Spice?...utensils?

Since I have recently dedicated a drawer near my prep area to spices..

Mental note:  This was one of the smartest things I have done in my kitchen.  I saves steps time and makes putting spices back up so much more easy. I also added to this drawer a set of long handled measuring spoons that will reach in to every jar easily.

No not all jars are the same size or type however they all fit and I can see what I have at a glance.  BIG TIME SAVER!

Now back to the cabinet.
Spices are taken care of so I elected to use the cabinet for utensils that I use however not every day and various kitchen items that fall under the same category.
To make it all easy to find I added labels to the label holders on the drawer to indicate what was in it.  Yes this was tedious...and I kid you not I had to hang in there to finish.  I struggled with this part of the project however it was worth the effort.  Every thing can be found at a glace.
Here is the theory on the labels :
Not what the item is but what the item does.  Ex.  There is a drawer dedicated to "Grate"  If it grates it is in the drawer...One to , "Strain"  If it strains then it is in the drawer.   

The empty Drawers I put blank labels on and will use the Ptouch to add them as I find uses for the drawers.  

The top has a fruit bowl and basket for mail...and a great spot to rest a cool vintage pyrex refrigerator Dish..  I even added to a lower drawer  Lysol to hit that trash can with and wipes to wipe it down when needed.  Less steps and less time looking for what you need.  A WIN WIN!

You can read about my first craft room metal cabinet upcycle here

Hope you are inspired to organize an area in your kitchen or bath..or closet ..Just bite the bullet and do it.  You will not be sorry!

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  1. wow i am so jealous, what a great find and awesome fix up, i love it xx