Monday, March 31, 2014

Coffee Bag burlap Pillow

I have to admit I am a lucky girl when I comes to crafting material. I have a nice supply of burlap Coffee bags.

And the Hubby found and purchased this nifty little ditty last week:
A singer 15-91 1947.. Gear driven with Potted motor and original cabinet.  

Nope do not want anything for this obsession.  I now own  4 vintage Singer Machines. 

Lets see what happens when I combined the two!

Not to bad!  Here are a few notes to self:  When sewing burlap use the shortest stitch your machine will sew to prevent fraying.  

Singer 15-91's are perfect for this project..they are gear driven... this one will sew leather...and they have a consistent stitch width as small as 30 stitches per inch.  I would never sew coffee bag burlap on my electronic machine.   They are dusty and shed more than retail burlap you get off the bolt.  Coffee bag burlap is also thicker I broke two needles ..the first I was not thinking, I had a standard needle trying to do a heavy duty job...the second time I forgot to let the feed dog do its job.    I made two pillows the second was shy and did not make the photo shoot.

I hope you are inspired to be creative it is a great stress reliever!

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  1. I am another collector of vintage featherweights! Yay! A kindred spirit. Love the coffee bags too. I only have access to lots of coffee.. ;)

    1. We are we are...I love my featherweight....And my 201 and my 15-91..Wink. NOthing nothing beats a singer! I am lucky the Hubby works for a roasting plant so coffee bags are abundant when I can talk him into bringing them home. So glad that you stopped by hope to run into you again. Sheryl

  2. I love this pillow! I bought some coffee bags a few years ago and made them into cafe curtains. I also have a sewing machine much like that one that's sitting in my garage. Perhaps I need to bring it in and start using it! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  3. Love your coffee pillow. I have some coffee bags that a friend gave me and I still haven't decided what to do with them. I have a similar singer in my garage. Needs some work I think.
    It is so nice to work with them. I used to use my grandma's all the time.
    Maybe I should get it out and fix it up.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

  4. Classic look off a classic machine. Love. Thanks for linking up at Inspire Us Thursdays!