Monday, March 19, 2018

Spring is trying...Flower photograpgy

It is a known fact that if you live in SC and you do not like the weather just stick around it will drastically change in a few days.  This year is no exception to the rule , springs arrival seems far away according to the weather forecast.  One day it is pushing 80 degrees and freezing the next night.  The flowers are confused but still giving a preview of what is in store!

The Yoshino Cherry tree is gradually opening its blossoms...Hopefully the freezing nights have not damaged all of its blooms...this tree is loaded at spring..

Wishful thinking!

The weather has been perfect for the Pansy and Violets.

The Carolina Jasmine makes a great show with licorice scent.. and does not seem to mind the cold ....a quick note on this plant....It is toxic notice honey bees do not feed on this plant but bumble bees do..they are immune...Keep it away from pets that sample everything and your small has been mistaken for Honeysuckle and made kids very sick.  

Although it is a toxic It is pretty!  

The Lady Banks is truly happy on it pergola and it loves it's left over morning tea and tea bags as well as stale coffee from the coffee maker and it's grounds.  I also on occasions will dump cooled pasta water on it.  

Lovely delicate Poms for flowers on a thorn less vine.  The bark is unique in that it peels with papery layers underneath.

The Blueberry Highbush is in bloom.  This is a wild blueberry shrub.  It has tiny very sweet berries that you have to race the birds to get any.  

We are all looking forward to the balmy new days of spring.  
You have a happy day...