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Kitchen Upgrade cabinet install Phase 4 Including installing the kitchen sink! Mobil home Paradise

We last left off with only one bar installed in the kitchen remodel.
(you can read about it here)

Now  look at the other side!

Things I hate:
Well it looks ugly..drawers are so cabinets with water damage...counter top old cheap...sink is great deep one and an upgrade but.....the angle on it is waste of counter space.

In order to visualize the corner sink and see that gained counter space we mapped it out on the counter..

The masking tape is where the sink will sit and the cardboard border is the edge of the counter top...

Mr. RTI is in this photo getting ready to replace the window...With same process as in our last kitchen up grade post and can be found by clicking Here.

Here is a little back ground on MR. RTI HE is a fabulous Husband and father.  He is old school he works to take care of his family.  He is a industrial mechanic and has been one for 36 years.  He is an amazing carpenter and loves masonry work.  And after looking through photos to get this post ready, He has spoiled me.  Every addition and up grade to this house he has installed or built.  Every sidewalk he has installed.  The woman cave he built.(read about it here)....I am spoiled !

I think that is out of my shop???

After the window was replaced we removed all the cabinetry and dishwasher...

While the dish washer was pulled out, because the counter tops were going to be deeper than the original ones, we replaced the sheet rock that was removed in the initial installation of the dishwasher.

And yes that is duck tape....It was used to cover the seam only ,we were not able to afford a few dry wall screws after buying the corner sink.  $$$$$..  It was cheaper and quicker then puttying a spot that will not be seen.

This gave us the perfect opportunity to upgrade the water lines in this "modular" Home.  

Mr. RTI removed the plastic original valves and replaced them with gator grip 1/4 turn with adapters to tie into braided stainless steel lines.  

And since we ordered a corner sink we had to modify the plumbing and modify a cabinet to hold it....
This was the most difficult part of this upgrade.

The drain on the sink had to be raised because the corner sink was 1 inch shallower then the double basin sink we had and the drain hole was in a different location. We splurged and bought all new piping for this portion.  Mr RTI took the oportunity to make the pipes perpendicular and level allowing for better drainage.  
Now you may ask why did we go to so much trouble to have this corner sink. We had a large sink sitting at an angle and it took up a lot of counter space...every thing behind it was not usable .  ...And...With a little smaller window installed the sink looked huge and no longer was centered.  By using a corner cabinet we gained a few inches of linear usable space.  We did not loose the usable space, located behind the sink,  that you could not reach. 
We tallied up the money it would take to build a custom frame and order doors that match the existing upgrade and the corner cabinet was cheaper.

Now on to the cabinet and sink. 
We purchased a stock cabinet with lazy susan, in the style of cabinetry we were using.
It was going to be modified (and Cursed at) for this portion of the remodel.

Image result for corner cabinet kitchen base homedepot lazy

the lazy susan was removed.  It could not be used because the plumbing was under the sink...and the side was cut away so that the plumbing could come through.  Also the top hand to be cut on one side to accommodate the sink.

We installed it and put the new counter top on..

The counter top was an inch short.  And for an inch we improvised.  To custom cut a counter top for an inch was not in the budget not time schedule.

Mr RTI  simply ran a 1 by 4 down the wall where the back splash would meet.. and we trimmed the top with some vinyl white molding.  The vinyl molding will make clean up easier and will not become water damaged if and when it gets wet.

to install this quirky sink.....

Mr RTI has a philosophy of measure 152 times and cut once. In this case and the corner cabinet case this was an expensive component and we did want to replace it because of a mistake.  
To make clear cut lines...because that expensive sink did not come with a template , we put clear contact paper on the counter top ( a large enough area that we could lay the sink upside down on).  We then took sharpie and traced the out side of the sink. Taking the lip of the sink in to consideration we drew another line roughly a half inch inside the original tracing.  This gave us a cut line. The contact paper also aided in making that cut edge just a little cleaner.

The sink is finally installed

The biggest mistake that I made with this sink was the faucet selection.  Not  only did it stop functioning with in a year , the reach was not long enough on it.  For example over either sink you had roughly 2 inches between the stream and inside sink edge.  This makes even washing your hands difficult ...much less dishes.  So a mental note.....measure to the center of your sink to the base of your spout.  Make sure the faucet that you are getting reaches close to that measurement.  We found a new one that did not quiet reach the center of the sink , but with the angle of the sprayer the water fell close to the center.  

Oh either side of the cabinet run there was a gap beside the fridge and one between the corner cabinet and dish washer.

In order to utilize that space we installed shelving , melamine coated garage shelving.  It is the same shelving we used on the upper portion of the kitchen...

Beside the fridge holds my large sheet pans...Pizza pan and cooling racks......

Beside the sink the top shelf holds cutting boards....
The bottom shelf is a small tool box that Mr. RTI's Father built many years ago.  It is lined with clear vinyl and it holds Dish washing pods.  

Of course any time you change a foot print you have a few issues to this case the floors and walls....

The floor fix is a rug for now.  When I replace the flooring I want the same through out the that budget is skimpy right now it will have to wait.

The walls we decided to cover with bead board...and really lucked up on a deal at Lowe's

Only 10 bucks a sheet...more than 50% off...

All the shelving had to come down as well as the hood and electrical covers....We marked each wall stud with masking tape on the save some time....

Dry wall went over the opening beside the window.

The last is ready to cut around the window....and the detail work needs to be done. Like addressing the darker seams...and trimming out the electrical outlets and switches... 

We are really pleased with the out come of our Kitchen.  It serves us well and is a little more cohesive in design.  I am one lucky gal that Mr. RTI is so talented and helps bring my visions to life.
Hope that your projects are Moving along beautifully!

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