Saturday, October 14, 2017

Decorative book stacks Using vintage flocked wall paper and Silhouette Cameo

Decor challenge option 3
The challenge is: to come up with home decor with very little to no investment.

I have a lot of books...old books and well books that a binder would trash.

I saw in one of my favorite magazines a book stack with the spines being used to relay a lovely message...

How Cool is that...

so I gathered up my supplies and made a plan....

The only purchases I had to make was a super bond tape runner and these over head projector sheets that can be used in a printer.  Hint:  printable projector sheets have a matte finish one side and a slick finish on the other.  Print the matte finish side if you want the ink to dry and stay.

Found these at Goodwill  

Gathered my supplies....

I had some vintage flocked wall paper , vintage sewing trims and blanket binding in my stash.

I simply printed close to the center of each projector sheet a portion of my saying and wrapped it around the spine of each covered book...Stacked them staggering in sizes and glued them together...and wrapped them with a notion from my stash.  How easy is that?

I thinking brown paper to wrap the books and well ..."not even a creature was stirring not even a mouse"   ....Hmmmm Christmas is just around the corner!

 These can be found at Vintage Collections  down town Camden.  
Hope you are inspired to create!

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