Saturday, October 28, 2017

Barn Screen Up cycle re purposed to Inspirational Farm house decor

I challenged myself to stock my very small 8 x 5 booth with Daily and holiday decor that is more than 50% recycled.  In other words no money to little money will go in to materials.
This is Idea 6:
Recently at a yard sale I lucked up and found an old metal screened window...and it was on the cheap. ..

Chippy and Lovely...I scraped the loose paint off and sealed it with clear coat with a matte finish.
Cleaned the dust from the old metal screen and hit it with some rubbed oiled bronze spray paint...Had some laying around as well as the clear coat.  

I also had the wax paper and cutting machine and paint I needed to stencil it....

The most difficult part of this project was stenciling an uneven surface, the screen was warped in places..and to boot when you peel paper from a cutting mat is may want to curl on you .  So the stencil would curl and not lay flat on the screen.....

The first approach was to iron it flat on the screen made the paper lay flat but it did not say put so the centers of the letters wanted to shift, making the letters look wonky...

The solution was magnets.  
Those that you get from the vet or dr office that have information on them...they cut easily.  So I was able to lay them  between lettering to hold the stencil.

I still had to hold the edges down as I stenciled but it was much easier with the help of the magnets.  Mental note:  make sure you use a absorbent backer when stenciling screen.  It will make your design a lot neater by not letting the paint pool and goop up the screen holes.

The extra details make this...there are two top brackets with holes...easy hangers...

and I left the latches on the bottom....

I will have to admit that it was difficult to get rid of this ....However it was for sale at market days and has sold!.

There is potential in the most unlikely places!  You just have to look.

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  1. I LOVE this! I just happened to pick up an old wooden screen door on the side of the road this Fall. I am using it to hang light things on in my booth but I like this idea better! Yours came out so great. No wonder it sold!