Sunday, June 11, 2017

Its an Option....Getting Adjusted To Dialysis

I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite little Thrift shops in Cola. SC .  The people are so nice in this store and they are a spiritual bunch as well..always refreshing.  The gal working the register commented that she had not seen me in quiet a while 'where have I been?' I explained to her that my sons health had taken a drastic turn, and he was now in Dialysis, and I was taking the time to get a little retail therapy.

He makes a great Allen Jackson for Halloween

 She immediately was so sorry that he was in Dialysis and how hard it must be.  The Lord at that time took hold of my tongue and heart and I replied to her "Its an option and with out it the circumstances could be so much more painful".  I was reminded, even in what we see as tough spots, fail to see that, it is an option.  I have DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis it is a life threatening condition and I take Warfrin ...blood thinners treat it. I have to watch my diet and get regular blood checks to make sure that I am not too thin...also a life threatening condition.  But you know it is an option.  With out an option I more than likely would not be here.  I guess it is like not being able to see the forest from the trees .  Fear and despair are difficult things to see clearly through.  They make our minds and hearts operate in despair and not in faith.  So three days a week we load my little "Alan Jackson" up and head to takes us 5-6 hours round trip but its and Option.  We love him and so appreciate that we still have him .  He gives the best hugs and Kisses...we are loved....and he is loved and we thank God for options!

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