Monday, June 20, 2016

Knock knock headboard....Vintage Door headboard Ideas and Install

I have had the pleasure of adding wonderful decor to other peoples homes, through  my booth at Antiques and Fine Consignment of Camden or from custom painting furniture for clients.  With that being said I was asked not to long ago what have you done in your home?....well....Not much!  So this next post is an item that was just for my home...and it was a long yet worth it project!

Mr. RTI and I made quiet a large purchase a few months ago...a adjustable posturpedic bed..or beds two xl twins (so each side adjust independently ).  This decision was based on a few health issues and the fact that you spend 33% or roughly 25 years of your life sleeping.  I am not going to lie to you I have driven cars that cost less then those beds However we do sleep really good!  Amazing what a good mattress and bed can do for your overall health.    The purchase of the bed offered the opportunity to create my own headboard!

I purchased an old panel door from habitat for 25 bucks. 

The paint was chippy So I removed it....mental note if you are not sure what kind of paint you are dealing with on an old item...wear a mask while sanding ...or scraping.  

After a  lot of sanding and paint removing....

  We were ready to paint!  

I used a custom mix...of a neutral color .  I sometimes will change up my bedding in the winter as well as other decor in the room.  I am also proud of the fact that I remembered to make extra for the furniture that I will need to paint for the room as well.
Like these!

I dark and clear waxed this headboard....

I am so glad that I stuck with this project....

I think we will have to lower it a bit...and when we put the new windows in...they will be narrower and the bed will fit nicely between them.  Now I am off...there are three more pieces of furniture for this room that need paint.  
I hope that this may have inspired you to just stick with it, you will get that project done!


  1. Replies
    1. This will be the only headboard this girl will ever tackle...and thank you!

  2. I love the headboard!! It is the perfect backdrop and adds a little bit of rustic and whimsy. We really need to get a new bed and have thought of the one you have. It's been 20 years on the same bed. We are afraid to dive into the price and then not like it!!

  3. You have 30 days to return the beds if you do not like it...I have to admit no more tossing or turning for us..hubby does not get up to take a aprin for pain at night..we love them...

  4. Room is looking great. How did you hang the headboard ?

    1. We attached legs to it..then attached them to the brackets on the bed frame..the door is solid and heavy we decided legs would be better to support the weight..

  5. Did you buy legs or make them out of 2X4's?
    I'd love to see just how you attached it to the bed frame.
    This is the part I would have a problem with!

    1. The legs were recycled decking board. We used wood screws to attach them to the back of the door spaced so that they line up with the brackets on the bed frame. This door is solid wood so the screw worked great..and we used 5 screws for each leg. The bed frame had two brackets that received bolts. So each leg had two holes drilled through matching up with the slots on the bed bracket and they were attached with two each leg.