Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pinterest inspired Sideboard Using chalk paint

I lucked up and found this great little sideboard with awesome Utensil drawer and great storage.  I also love the lines and curves on this simple little number.  

  This guy sat in my booth for about a month then I decided it was time to jazz it up a bit.  Normally painted furniture takes a while to move in my area and had already sat a month....what did I have to loose.

I mixed several different colors to get this funky Turquoise color......
Here it is with coat one.....

I am not great with antiquing wax because I am lazy!  I have a limited amount of time to play work so I try make my make overs quick.  However I had a dream for this item.....

The Photos do not do this one justice....I am sorely disappointed that  this will not go in my home. 

There was a creative approach to the step back on the front...and it was to paint the inside or not to paint....ahhh...not...the inside is really in quiet good shape.  however the two center doors step back exposing the unpainted paint the area would look some what out of place on the inside so i just painted the front base cutting in on the natural line.  

And I actually love the juxtaposition between the natural wood and paint..... 

The dark wax was a challenge more buffing, more working it in and more fretting!  I did clear wax first then I mixed my clear and dark almost equal and applied liberally (with a wax brush) using  super fine steel wool to knock the dark color back a bit...and here is the secret some of you are going to gasp at....the waxes mixed where not the same brand..nor the paint.  The paints were a few colors of different brands of chalk paint and a little laytex was added for pigment.  The waxes were Annie Sloan dark and Min wax Natural...I like Minwax it buffs quickly with a nice hard coat and the shine is to die for.  When I mixed it with the dark AS I got the great quick finish of Minwax with the richness of AS dark.

I hope that this post finds you anticipating spring!

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  1. I would be so tempted to grab that for my home if I saw it in person! The color is fabulous and the look of it is so cozy and cottage-y. I love it!!

    1. Thank you ...I had a hard time taking this one to the store..

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you...I was sure hooked when she was finished..

    2. Thank you...I was sure hooked when she was finished..

  3. Such a charming piece! Bold color, which does look great...someone will be very happy!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!