Monday, March 2, 2015

From wine barrel to Garden Orb

I love garden art...and the Restoration inspired Orbs are awesome however pricey.  Over 200 dollars for a 26 inch orb.  OUCH.....My budget will not allow to the junk pile and drawing board..

In the junk pile I had 4 wine barrel rings some bolts and a round finial off of a hanging lamp. 

And these....and a drill bit that will handle  metal..It took less than an hour to put this together...and I love the results....

Here are some mental notes...Wear Protective eye wear...Metal flew while drilling these out...and you may want to wear a mask ...rust also hit the air.  .You will need  a  way to hold them...I used a small vice on my work bench.......I actually drilled the first hole in the two largest rings..and slipped them together evened them out and marked to bottom for the second hole....and followed the same steps for the smaller rings to make sure that I liked the way it will go together.  I do plan on clear coating this with a matte clear finish to prolong its life.  

Final cost????  Umm the electricity that I used to charge the 12 v lithium battery on the drill...everything else was lying around....a big savings..
So check that junk stash out and see what you can come up with....


  1. What a great way to use something you have to make something you wanted.

  2. Absolutely fabulous!! Love this look in the garden.