Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Results of : Handy Hubby's new smart phone

Finally the Handy Hubby broke down and up graded to a smart phone and he is dangerous.
I received an email from his smart phone reading:
"U Really need to clean up woman cave" with the following picture.

And yes he can complain about that mess.
Here is his "cave".

The doors and Mirror are my drop. ( has not seen that yet).

Every thing put away and in its place.  Too bad he does not leave the kitchen that way.

So I decided it is time to clean up...so this:

And this:

Went to this:
That mirror is hanging crooked just to make me do something about it. (fix it)

That blue sled is going to be part of my Holiday porch decor.    I just love the blue color!

The next projects are scattered about and I can get to them. 

I think even Beau May approve HE slept through the whole process.
I truly hope that you are well and counting your blessings today!


  1. Good job! Sometimes just that act of cleaning up our spaces (or rearranging) is truly what we need to get excited and inspired!

  2. Oh, I forgot to thank you for visiting my blog. Do you know you have a "no reply" email?

  3. I liked your cave the way it was...It looked like a great treasure hunt lol! I didn't see any treasures inn handy Hubby's cave!


    1. Thank you Carol for stopping by...The treasures end up back in my cave after they are repaired and waiting for paint .. Handy Hubby is caught up for now. Wink....You take care !