Monday, September 30, 2013

Chicken Wire And Old Frames in to a pin board How to add chicken wire to old fram

Chicken  Wire and Old Frames..

I have made a wonderful addition to my craft room that I love.  This is not my original idea I found it on Pinterest.

I was lucky and found these handmade large frames at a yard sale for a steal.  They were made of heavy wood and had foam covered inserts.  I originally wanted to remove the foam and fabric and make chalk boards but the foam was sprayed glued to the wood insert making salvaging the wood impossible so plan B.  Chicken wire message or idea boards.

We had some chicken wire laying around and some cool paint. 

Some Distressing after a few coats of paint and the frame was ready.  Here are a few pointers: 1.  Make sure you have wire cutters or snips that will cut your chicken wire easily or else you wear yourself out trying to cut the wire.  2.  Make sure that the length of your staples does not exceed your frame thickness.  You will spend more time pulling staples and covering holes.  3.  Make sure you use a thick wood frame .  This allows you more room to not make the above mistakes. 4.  Most important wear safety gear , glasses and gloves for this project.

I added a clothes Pin bag and it is a great place to pin photos, articles or even small supplies for your next project.

I hope you have a good day!

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  1. LOVING it Sheryl - what a beautiful job you did ( especially the color :)
    AND what a great idea to add a clothes pin bag !!!

    1. Hey just finished reading your door post. Now I have to buy that antiq. door from Habitat tomorrow. Thank you for the kind words I am following your bog if only to see what conversations have transpired. I have a Dave that we have similiar convos. Good luck with the sale of your home I am praying for energy to get you through it.

  2. Hi Sheryl,
    Thanks for finding my blog and leaving your nice comment on my door wall. Now I have become a follower of you. This chicken wire hanger is great. I love the color too.

  3. Love this idea! I'm going to try making one soon.

    1. I hope you get to this project it is a lot of fun...and I love to use my "pin" board...You take care and hope you have a nice holiday

  4. I absolutely LOVE these ideas!!! I am totally envious of our pin bag you have a tutorial on that....or where i can find one like it? I NEED one!!!

  5. Thank you for the lovely comment....The pin bags can be found actually at walmart in the ironing board section. or you can try this link and make your own just copy and paste it in your address box....I hope you do make one they are a lot of fun and I love to use mine in my craft room. Thank you again...Sheryl