Monday, November 27, 2017

Shabby up cycled handmade From Quilt to Christmas stockings

I challenged myself to stock my very small 8 x 5 booth with Daily and holiday decor that is more than 50% recycled.  In other words no money to little money will go in to materials.
This is Idea 8:
COST zero dollars..nothing had to be purchased to finish this project..

I had a  beautiful quilted coverlet that a rogue sock and weary laundry day destroyed.  Destroyed to the point that a strategically placed pillow would not hide the stains.

As well as a stained  bed spread..I have plenty of lace...

And a sewing machine and plenty of thread...

The most difficult part of this project was deciding what shape and size I wanted the stockings to be.  I made a pattern from brown paper and got started looking for the non stained areas on the coverlet  to cut.

Since I was going for a shabby vintage look I left the top edges raw and used the hem from the coverelet to make hanger loops with.  Super simple PROJECT!

While I  was digging around in my craft room I found an old fertilizer cotton bag...and some really cool prim stockings were born...

These had an extra step..I lined them with muslin to make sure they do not unravel.   I made rough primitive hangers out of left over scraps.
These, and a few more, will be available at Vintage Collections  in Camden!
Happy DECOR!

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  1. I love these! I have made stockings out of old mattress pads and they are equally homespun and cozy looking.