Thursday, October 26, 2017

Posh Bag Lady cart from vintage folding shopping cart UsingThe Silhouette Cameo

 I challenged myself to stock my very small 8 x 5 booth with Daily and holiday decor that is more than 50% recycled.  In other words no money to little money will go in to materials.
This is Idea 5:

I know some of you do not have one of these laying around and then again some of you may.
An aluminium Folding light weight vintage cart or shopping cart, We jokingly call it a bag lady cart here.

So cute!..So I had the cart...the drop cloth to make a liner...the paint on hand to stencil it and the twill for the ties....No cost!  YEA!

What also helped with this project...a serger and sewing machine ...and I have those....

She is old but reliable!

An this room is rarely this clean...Looking!

So the first approach is this is a  rectangle.  No Curves to match up...and easy project!  and it was...

You simply measure the front , side and bottom panels in the basket.  I added an inch to give me an half inch seam allowance.  This was ample so that I could clean the edge up with the serger.  This particular drop cloth really liked to unravel.  I also sewed two seams with a very short stitch length to insure it would not come apart....

And the delicate's bag also got the dual seam and a serged finish...

Don't you love those Wheels....very cool color....

and well before I become a posh bag lady I thought it would work great as a laundry the back bag is for delicates....

Once I had the liner completed I then determined the center of the front and created my stencil with my Cameo.  I cut it out of freezer paper ironed it on (slick side Down) and stenciled.  You can read more about using the cameo and Freezer paper here:

Mental note:  Make sure you put something behind the fabric that you are stenciling, especially in this case where I had to fold the bag on it self, to prevent bleed through.  

It is available at Vintage Market Days at the arena in Camden

I hope this in inspires you to Look at that storage in a new light....

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  1. I love it! What a great idea and the stencils are just fabulous. I do have a "bag lady" cart and some mattress ticking fabric. I think that would be cute with my black cart.