Saturday, October 14, 2017

I was a Dukes Girl!

I was a Dukes Mayo girl until....I made homemade Mayo.........

You are correct this is not an original Idea...Many people make their own mayo.  I was encouraged by a Dear friend to give it a try that she was hooked!
The biggest fear is of course it is worth the time and extra effort.  
Well Yes it is!

You will need an egg and mine was cold out of the fridge.....
I pictured two here because I had to fix an error in ingredients....

Good light flavored to non flavored oil...
I used olive oil..1 cup per egg

Start light on the salt..especially if you add Dijon mustard (1 tsp per egg) or an already prepared ingredient....
2 Tsp of rice vinegar I substituted for white vinegar.
An alternative to the Dijon is 1 tsp of dried ground mustard seed.  
A measuring cup with pour spout
Immersion Blender 
Bowl to mix in
were my tools to pull this together.

Here is what I learned:  add your oil slowly at first and once it starts to get creamy you can speed it up.  Also use a bowl that you think is a little to big for the project these ingredients expand as air is whipped in.  I added sea salt and dijon to my first batch and it was two I made a second batch with half tsp of dijon , 1 tsp of vinegar , one egg and 3/4 cup of oil...You may have to adjust the oil it just depends on how thick you want it.  I mixed the two batches and perfect....
The beauty of this is that you can control your fat content in your well as your ingredients.

taste test...I have to admit the Dukes, after tasting the homemade, seemed greasy.  

Will I make this again...Of course.!

Happy Cooking!

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