Saturday, September 23, 2017

Chalk painted chest of Drawers and hardware decisions

If you love to upcycle or decorate or just refinish furniture , chalk paint is a fun way to update or just hide wear on lovely old furniture.    I recently updated our bed with a recycled headboard and a few upcycled night stands.  You can read the head board post here.
Smart Phone Picture alert!!
The goal was to economically replace 1920 Edwardian furniture ...although beautiful it was lacking in functionality and it has seen better days.

Veneer is missing on it..and the drawers all need to be reworked and it will be done...and I think some chalk paint may be in store...have not completely decided yet......but this look is really in right now and I like it!

Both examples found in pinterest search.....
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Any how I am getting ahead of myself.

...The chest  of drawers I finally found at Habitat and paid 65.00 for.

You are right it is a pretty and heavy Piece ..However it has some damage on the top which made it a little easier to paint... 

Some great details on this oriental inspired chest....

The hardware is to die for...and No I choose not to paint it or restore it....

With some cleaning...and a couple coats of custom mixed chalk paint....She turned out really well....

I do normally put dark hardware on this color paint ...

However I just could not do worn and original they are!

She was lightly distressed ....and a few coats of wax later I am pleased...and what a deal !

Yes I noticed that this cheap flooring really needs replacing...but..the bank account is not agreeing!

She blends well with the headboard!

I hope this motivates you to look for that Jewel in the Rough...
Happy Hunting!

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