Thursday, September 21, 2017

Burlap and velvet Farm Christmas Charm ornaments

 I challenged myself to stock my very small 8 x 5 booth with holiday decor that is more than 50% recycled.  In other words no money to little money will go in to materials.  This is the first Christmas challenge.  I seem to always gravitate towards vintage sewing notions and fabrics and vintage jewelry.  This project is indicative of the fore mentioned loves. 

When I went through my stash I found burlap, vintage velvet trim, vintage large buttons , grommets, some light weight wire, vintage brooches and old jeweled picks.  The purchase item here is greenery.  The greenery was purchased at Hobby Lobby most of it 40% to 50% off.  total cost roughly 8 bucks .  Tools used glue gun with glue sticks, grommet setter, wire cutters ,scissors and vintage sewing machine (non electronic machine)  Tip for burlap and a sewing  machine:  Burlap is dust and lint heavy..I always clean my feed dogs and bobbin case after using burlap.  I am blessed in owning a vintage machine that does a great job and is easy to clean.

Singer 1949 15-91
This is my favorite TOY.

I set my stitch count to almost 25 per inch a small stitch to sew the side seams of the bags.  This will help insure that the burlap will not unravel.  Now yes you can run  burlap through a serger but I do not recommend it.  Burlap fibers are tough on blades I actually use my best pair of paper utility scissors to cut burlap...never my fabric scissors. Once my bags were made I turned down my top edge, placed my velvet and glued it on with a seam in the back then added grommets to the front..Glued in each individually arranged and taped together greenery element.The rest was easy peasy...just twist the wire to make your hanger and run in through your grommets.  Last finishing touches are Glued on pins, and  finishing the back velvet seam off with a old button .

These would be great on a large rustic tree, as a package ornament or on a door knob..They will be available at Vintage Collections down town Camden...Here is the link to there facebook page.
I hope this post inspires you to look at your stash a little more festively!
Happy Crafting !

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  1. Very cute, and such a bonus if you can use mainly things that you have on hand! Thanks for sharing with SYC.