Monday, August 14, 2017

Fence rails,treadles and wagons Treadle machine base Up cycle with a Radio Flyer

I was privileged today and managed to get in the shop  and put together a Funky little table.  The components are: old radio flyer wagon, fence rail, treadle sewing machine base and treadle sewing machine trim molding , a handful of screws and e6000 glue.  Optional clear coat lacquer. Well and a few standard tools.

The most difficult part of this project was removing the wheels from the old wagon.

The bolts were pretty rusted and finally I resorted to one of my favorite tools the Dremel. 

A grinding wheel for metal split the nuts and I was able to pull them off with pliers.

I cleaned the wagon with some medium steel wool and general purpose cleaner.  

In order for the wagon to sit level and sturdy I used a fence rail cut in 2 peices.  I used the original holes that were used to attach the sewing machine cabinet to the base to attach them.  I drilled four holes in the wagon as well, as pilot holes in the fence rails.  I put a dab of e6000 in each holes and screwed the wagon down.  

The towel bar is a vintage piece of molding off a treadle machine.  I cut it to length , pre drilled the ends and attached it to the base with vintage screws. In order to prevent anymore rust from forming on the wagon I put a few coats of clear lacquer on it.  

Not every one,s taste..However, Funky and different!  Perfect for the dorm cave as a bar. towel storage in a bath or spice and utensil storage in that eclectic kitchen.  It will be available at Vintage Collections down town Camden.

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