Thursday, August 31, 2017

Fence Post to folksy Pumpkins

The old saying  "waste not want not" is definitely my mantra this year.  I challenged myself to stock my very small 8 x 5 booth with holiday decor that is more than 50% recycled.  In other words no money to little money will go in to materials.  I had seen the idea of using 4x4s to make pumpkins on Pinterest so I cannot take any creative credit for the initial Idea.  
We had some old 4x4s laying around they had one time been fence post...

I asked Mr. RTI to cut them in lengths of 4,5 and 6 inches then I applied orange paint to them..only one coat.  I used valspar interior flat base with a tint added to it.  I choose flat paint because I wanted to sand then top coat.  I also had some decorative dowels that were from some items I inherited from my Dads Shop.  I choose to use these as stems.  So far the only money spent was 12.00 on paint and there will be a good bit left over.

I had some old stain that was not that great for any other project but this one....I put all the pegs and dowels in a glass jar dumped the old stain in and shook.  This covered them perfectly for this project.  I just removed them when I thought they were dark enough and laid them out to dry. 
 I also drilled a hole in the top of each block to add the "stem". 

I used one of my favorite craft room tools a Silhouette Cameo to cut the faces for the blocks and stenciled each size with a different face.  I did remember to make sure that the top of the block had the predrilled hole in it...No faces were put on Upside down in this step.  

They were left to dry.  I used chalk paint for the faces so it only took about an hour.  Each block had to be distressed and sanded and doing all this by hand was not the plan.  Mr. RTI suggested mounting my belt sander in the vise on my work bench.  The belt sander had a setting that would allow it to run with out holding the trigger so It could be used as a grider...Boy did this save time and I was able to get the last bit of use out of a belt that had been left on it.

I wrapped the grip with a rag as not to scuff it so the next I used it by hand it would not be rough.  

This was very quick work.  
And that belt is done....

The next step was to put a clear coat on them since they were painted with flat paint and chalk paint.  
I choose some American Paint company top coat for the job.  You simply rub it on and let it dry, no buffing!

This did a wonderful job and was also quick work.  I already had the top coat so no money was spent.

I dipped the "stems" in to wood glue and hammered them into the predrilled holes on the top.

And I did not like them.....the large ones were a little too tall!

The Jig Saw took care of that 

The stems of course had to be decorated! 
I did not have any paper wrapped wire nor was I going to make it.  I did not have any raffia and was not going to make it.  I did have however a burlap coffee bag and some gold wire.  
I pulled the burlap threads from the bag a little tedious however easy and the bag was free.  
I had the wire already, probably was in some  craft supplies I bought at the thrift store.  
So no money spent.!

And they are reversible!

A lot of this project was therapeutic and me being in the shop for a day is a privilege !
I managed to make 6 sets and they will be available at Vintage Collections down town Camden tomorrow.  
HAppy Fall!

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  1. My friend had pumpkins similar to these a few years ago and they were fun. Love the faces! Thanks for sharing with SYC.