Thursday, June 15, 2017

I got it covered! Open Shelve Kitchen storage Grease Control

In a kitchen remodel we decided to go with open upper shelving.  I house my pots and pans on this wall above the stove.   and YEP!  The lids to the pans that are not used on a weekly basis get a little filmy.  

I have some vintage linen napkins that would make great pot lid covers.  They would be reusable and match the retro vintage theme of some of my kitchen.

Now to you linen collectors no linen with out stain or hole was injured during this project.  
I gathered my materials I needed with my machine....

estimated what the large button hole had to be in the center of the napkin to accommodate the largest pot lid handle.  

Marked the center of the napkin with pins , set the stitch length to the lowest setting on my machine with the zig zag stitch selected..and made a large button hole....snipped a slit in the center and.....

I HATE plan B!
I am glad I only made one!

PLAN B: Get a paper towel...bare with me it looks pretty good from where I am standing...

Fold it in quarters....put the center of your paper towel in the center of the lid will leave an impression on the towel ,

 then cut your round.  Cut a slit in the center large enough to go over your handle and you are done.  If it is still clean when you take the pot down reuse it..if not throw it out and make a new only takes a min or two...a lot less time then washing the lid every time you take the pot down.

barely notice it!

Moral of this post:  All of these wonderful ideas in blog land did not always start out wonderful ideas. Sometimes you go back to the "drawing Board" and re approach an idea several times before you get your desired out come.  So try again!   

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