Thursday, December 29, 2016

Little blue writing desk Fun with chalk paint and Decoupage

I found it at a yard sale for 10 bucks...who can pass that up!
Smartphone photo alert.

I stripped the hardware off ,cleaned and lightly sanded before applying paint.

I mixed some Southern Honey white with a turq. blue for a custom color. 

I started to paint the inside white but changed my mind when I found a vintage child's paper back book with graphics that match the paint.  Decoupage it is....

Mental note so that I could open and shut the drop down I inserted a heavy duty paper clip in the hardware hole so that I could open and shut it with out leaving prints in the paint.

After 3 coats of paint...some decoupage, wax and new hardware it was ready to go!

I make my own decoupage medium from elmers glue and water. 
2 parts glue..1 part water.  If my paper is heavier I may make it a little thicker...if my paper is fragile and vintage I thin it out.   

Not to bad...a great addition to any kids room....

Have a good one!

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