Saturday, July 30, 2016

Some Chairs do not need pairs....

I am not sure what it is about a chair.  But I love them.

  In my master bedroom remodel I wanted something pretty that would hold the extra pillows from the bed at night.  A guy came in the store and had a couple of these "Indonesian" made chairs that had great lines but were not desirable antiques.  I bought them any way planning to use them myself. 

Upholstery was in good shape just letting go. I  decided on a Mossy colored paint and some drop cloth for the seat.  

It took two coats of paint and distressed beautifully.  Love those curves and raised designs.  I used clear and dark wax ...clear first and I do not buff in ..I just let it set a in 10 mins ..and then blend in dark for the effect I want.

Drop cloth was used to cover the seat and I took a little extra of the padding out so that it would lay flatter.....

I will honestly say that I do not think I will make a living at upholstery.

I used a pneumatic stapler and I turn my edges under so that I staple through two layers of fabric.  More labor intensive but looks a lot neater.

After I got the drop cloth on, and it was not a professional Job but an efficient one, I concentrated on the trim to hide those staples and blend the puckers in .....

I had some hemp "string" and decided to braid it into trim.  Mental will need three pieces of string that is 3 times longer than the length that you need to cover.  
You will have some left over depending on how tight or loose you braid and that is better then not enough....

A large clip to hold the ends together.

Hot glue was used to attach it to the chair, making sure that I kept it centered over the staple line...

Nope not perfect...however love the color and does a perfect Job holding pillows...and a great place to sit while putting on shoes.  

A fun project!
Stay cool this is what the outdoor thermometer that is the shade reads today:

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