Friday, June 24, 2016

Manny make over vintage Mannequin to steam punk Decor

This is the strange yet cool  make over.   I love mannequins and have made a few over.  Normally I go for modge podge but in this case I took a different turn.

I was gifted this Manny love love the base....and underneath all that ratty fabric was a cardboard form in good shape......

I wanted something a little steam punk...french...artsy I tore the material off...cut a paris stencil with the Silhouette and
Broke out the dark wax...and a wood stain would have done great...Just make sure that you do not use a stain so dark your design does not show up....Finally some a few decor pieces and the clear coat.

Not for everyone's taste but still if this is your thing...a cool piece of decor.

Hope you can find the unique gems in everything!

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  1. Love this! It is definitely my thing and I have been looking for one for my home. Love how you made it over....perfect!