Sunday, May 15, 2016

make due shade! Umbrella Install, for the woman cave, using vintage drill to drill press converter

Nothing beats a fresh brand new Red sun Brella.  ahhhh

Although the summer heat has not arrived full force yet,the sun here can still be brutal.

 We removed some small trees(one was dying) from the front of the woman cave and I underestimated their shade capabilities! 

 The old umbrella , although faded, still offered the sanctuary of shade and I decided it would do perfectly on the deck of the woman cave. 

  I guess since I was using an old umbrella buying it a new stand was not going to happen.  I went to the shop did a little plundering and found the perfect woman cave umbrella stand!

A vintage craftsman 1/4 hand drill attachment for converting your hand drill to a drill press.  The Umbrella shaft fit perfectly in the mounting hardware for the drill. Mr. RTI had some pvc that made a great base mount for the  umbrella using a 6 inch long carriage bolt he attached it to the base of the Craftsman drill press.  Then we  simply attached the drill press to the deck....


Now I have a little shade to break the heat from the morning sun.  You know sometimes to make due is a cool alternative.  
Have a good one!


  1. we finally splurged and got a new umbrella, we do not have trees big enough for any shade, but we underestimated the wind here in tn and even though we filled the stand with gravel and water it still blow over, i just love what you;ve done xx

    1. Thank is an u usual approach but really matches the vibe of my shop. I thank know you for your lovely comment