Monday, May 2, 2016

Chest of drawers and southern honey

Finally something post worthy that I actually remembered to take pictures of.  They are not great ones but photos still the same.

I found this big guy at the habitat Store for half price...Score!

Love the detail on the top drawers the hardware was a little dated except for the tassel style one the top drawers.  Hint..always keep some rubbed oil bronze or hammered style paint to update pulls.

I like Rustoleum Rubbed oil bronze spray paint.  A little goes a long way and it stays put!

I had the oblong pulls on hand I found a bag of them at Goodwill for a few bucks,,,Score again.    

 I choose Southern Honey "Otis" to paint with dark wax.  I like Southern Honey Paint they have great colors ...just remember you will not get the adhesion with this paint that you get with Annie Sloan so pick your surfaces and prep techniques carefully before applying paint.  

Tip for waxing.  I apply clear wax first...I do not buff it ..then  I sparsely apply dark wax and blend it in.and buff to a hard finish....this way you get a subtle effect and not just blobs of dark on your item....less is always better with dark wax and reapply clear if you need to remove it.

This item is for sale at Antiques and Fine Consignment of Camden .......Downtown  Camden SC.

Hope to see you there!