Thursday, March 3, 2016

French inspired Headboard Make over using chalk paint

I purchased a headboard and mirror a few months back off of Facebook.  A local gal had it and decided her garage was full enough.  The headboard was a great find and so was this young lady.  I had a great time meeting her and her husband.  It has taken me months to decide what to do with it and the matching mirror...but I finally jumped in and here are the results.

The applique on the head board was resin so touching it up was going to be difficult so I grabbed some paint and got started.   
This was a mahogany look that I felt was going to bleed through...The first step was to hit it with some white lacquer spray paint .

This is all that it took to seal the headboard so that it would not bleed and it eliminated the need for a extra coat of chalk paint.

It only took two coats to get this great coverage of a antiq. white and the grey trim.   

The surprise!  It crackled beautifully.  I was not expecting it but loved it!

distressed and clear waxed followed by a mix of dark and clear....And folks the top coat makes all the difference!
Notice the difference in these two...can you tell which one is not waxed?

Big Difference!  

The completed headboard...

With the mirror....

Mental note:  the lacquer saved me paint and time...even though the "molding" crackled  
I was pleasantly pleased with how this project came out!
I will always  consider the chance of crackle when using this method.  In other words if I do not want to chance it I will consider another form of base coat.

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Really really nice.. Happy Thursday with love Janice

    1. Thank you...this was a fun project and thank you for stopping by

  2. These two are so pretty! Love the gray with the white. I would love to see these in the room!