Sunday, February 21, 2016

old chairs from trash to treasure .

Bad photo alert....Time is precious here so photography is on the back burner...and the last thought.

My youngest son's Friend alerted me to the fact that his mother was throwing out chairs and of course I wanted them.

They are metal with, not the original seats but still the bones were okay.....
I had purchase some lovely chairs from a friend of mine a few years back and was using them on my porch.  Even with the extra coats of paint the wooden frames on the chairs were falling apart.  So it was time to say good bye to them..  The timing could not have been better on getting these for free.  
I seem to always have partial cans of spray paint...and remnants of fabric so this project is a free one.

I am so aware that the chairs look wonky with this table....I am searching for a round table...but they are pretty fun.  Nice pops of color.

Those foot caps are going to be replaced as soon as I can source that odd shape..for now it works....

Not bad for free and a few hours of painting dry time and 
fabric application.  
Hope you find your next treasure and it is free!!


  1. So this is my what to do paint the table different colors white top differnt colored legs or something like that.. I think it will be fine.. The chairs came out wonderful.. With love Janice

    1. I thought about painting the table then changed my mind..I borrowed it from another area and when I find another it will return to its long lost chairs...Thank you for stopping BY!

  2. Really cute! Reminds me of the projects on Flea Market Flip! I agree with Janice....paint the table!!

    1. Ann Marie the only thing preventing me from painting the table is I borrowed it from another location that I like a dark table at...and its chairs miss it. Always love bumping in to you here...Sheryl