Monday, January 18, 2016

Occupational Bi Focal !!!! seeing your work from all angles

Oh How I loved to hear those words from the optometrist lips!!!
One day I woke up, I was fat , well past forty and Blind at 10 inches from my face however could see a bird blink  at 500 yards,,,....Sigh...However I am still Fabulous! (in my own mind)
This yearly visit to the eye doctor was one of frustration and deliverance....I have had a growing need for "readers" for a few years now and if you need them you well understand my pain in trying to see up into a piece of furniture or on the top shelf at any store.  I stressed my frustration to the doctor and he suggested Occupational Bi-focals.  I had a pair of vintage glasses that I wore in High school (yep I said vintage not antique)  they were tortoise shell large framed glasses.....They had larger lenses and were perfect for the "new" eye ware.....

 Folks what a wonderful thing these are!!!!  Yes you have to get used to them,  I think the fact that I was wearing a cheap pair of readers helped.  I was looking over a frame, so looking over the lines were minor.  I do have to remind myself that all I have to do is lower my head and look up and ,,,I can see !  The first day I used them I was cleaning out the woman cave and putting up shelves....I did not take them off once and to mark and pre-drill  the holes was a breeze...

SIGH...aren't they pretty?
So here is my advice..Dig out those older larger frames..(or pick up that pair you sniggered at in the thrift store).  It cost 152.00 to have these lenses made and mounted in the frame....a small cost for being able to see at any angle ...without feeling like you are going to wrench you head off backwards.  Oh yea although those readers help you to see the paper they may be doing more harm than good. If you can afford it get a yearly or at least bi-yearly eye exam..Your sight is a terrible thing to loose...especially if early detection could have saved you years of sight.  

Good Luck and take care of yourself!

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