Sunday, December 6, 2015

Shabby little Hot mess...

This is a perfect size little chest of drawers..perfect for extra a corner of the craft room or garage...It was pitiful...and I think it was a larger chest made into a smaller one...a lot of the wood in it looked recycled.  So this makes this ever more Earth friendly.

The paint was not that great and a little dingy .....
I decided not to strip it..just to scrape the loose off and give it a light sanding.... and remove the drawer pulls..

I mixed some Annie Sloan Old white with some southern honey June bug and got this hospital green.  It took 3 coats of paint for good coverage.  

I had two glass specialty knobs that were salvaged and similar brass round ones that I painted white.  The glass knobs had a extra long screw on it to accommodate multiple thicknesses of drawer or door fronts.  These knobs are notorious for loosening up.  Here are a few steps to clean the inside up and stop it from loosening up.  
I always put a little Liquid nail on the screw part of the knob and install as usual and have a q tip handy

After you install the knob liquid nail will be under the knob on the front.  Use your Q tip to clean it up.  Mental note do not tighten too snug it may break the glass knob.  

Next stop to clean up the back or inside of the drawer or door.  If you do not have wire cutters that can snap off the extra thread on the knob then use a dremel cutter.  A specific  disk for metal and after you cut it off use a heavy grit like 60 sanding wheel to smooth it out.  Do not want to reach in a catch a barb and get cut or scratched.  These are a few extra steps but well worth it in the end.

The last issue that I needed to address was the cardboard was water damaged.

I tore away the loose pcs...tacked it back to the side frame and Decoupage to the rescue....

A tattered Richard Scary book to the rescue. Now no this is not front window or show room ready but it is craft room, laundry room or wreck room ready.  

The last mental note...I purchased a few cheap dollies from Harbor Freight attached scrap board to them and place furniture on them that I am working on.  For larger pieces it may take two.  This way your can turn the furniture easily.  Makes it easier  especially if you are in a tight space.

So glad you stopped in on my little part of the world. 


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