Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Scaling down and Relieved..Pitching things that clutter and making the holiday decor easier!

This year when the Christmas tree came out of storage half the lights on it would not work.  I also came to the conclusion that the evergreen plastic variety had also seen better days.  This year, yet again, I found myself dreading putting it up and taking all of it down , and was determined that something had to give.  So down to Big Lots me and Mr. RTI went.   
They had a pretty nice selection of trees with reasonable prices.  So I traded my 7 foot pre-lit tree in for a 5.5 foot pre-lit little woodland tree in a white urn.  I had a old tall milk crate that I put the Tree skirt on and sit the tree on top.  
I choose  the ornaments that I loved..in this case vintage glass  icicles and vintage birds. As for the rest of my ornament collection....if it was not sentimental or a favorite it was pitched! 
"I set my Self Free"

I also had a plethora of Santas and Snowmen and the same ruled applied to them...if it was not a favorite or sentimental it is gone. 

White flocked deer and a vintage tinsel tree with hand made sheet music trees.  Keepers!

My favorite Woodland Victorian Santa and miniature trees. Keepers!

Chalk ware Noel candle holders they were my Nana's.  And vintage glass ornaments that were my Grandma Kirkland's and some hand made items...Keepers...

Flocked Santas that remind me so much of my child hood and vintage felt unusual ornaments and the rest of the glass ornament collection...Keepers!

I know what you are thinking...What about all those ornaments that the kids made?  They are packed in a trunk ...half were moisture damaged a few years back so they are kept safe year round.
 Literally my Christmas decor was cut in half.  The up side...this tree will have the ornaments taken off and put in a "small" storage box and can sit in the closet in place of the totes that I no longer need.  No more packing this in a box and loosening the bulbs!

I also took the same philosophy to the  out side as well traded in a large tired tree for two small ones in urns (from big lots). Kept the sled (in SC this in the only use for it)  and added some painted ice skates.
And yes Bella says "Merry Christmas and Momma you are in your Pjs and house coat"

The twinkly garland and Deer stayed and two wreaths.

This is as festive as we are getting this year and I think it is just right.  No stress on dealing with it after the holidays.  

The nativities also stayed....Mr RTI's Favorite decor for the holidays! 
And the true meaning of Christmas!

I hope that this year you find the Peace that was intended for such a glorious holiday and you are blessed with the true meaning of Christmas.
"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."  Luke 2:11
Merry Christmas!
The Connollys

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  1. Everything just looks so beautiful...you have inspired me to simplify....makes me happier!