Monday, December 28, 2015

from trash heap to Shabby Chic! Dresser make over using chalk paint and a lot of carpenters glue!

I was approached by a local shop owner, with a love of all things shabby, with a request to make a pitiful piece of furniture displayable again.   A quaint little dresser with a lot of potential and appeal.  
The draw back....the drawers were not together ...the mirror was barely in the broken frame .  I gave the shop owner a conservative quote because I was not sure if I could make it look better....

Terrible photo alert!!!!  
Missing hardware and holes worn in the two side drawers....and  peeling veneer.. 

Broken mirror frame....and loose mirror....

large drawers were in pieces with missing hardware also.

Pretty much beat up.
I will have to confess I had to consult Mr. RTI, a awesome carpenter and builder, for some ideas on repairing the frame....He suggested wood glue...using tie downs to snug up the broken joint and drying overnight..

And wooden "straps" one the back for more support and to hold the mirror tighter...

He also helped me glue one drawer up that had the bottom with it.  
Once all the repairs were done it was down to addressing the holes in the top drawers and finding hardware that would work.....Luckily I had some larger pulls that hid the holes beautifully.  I did a mix of Old White, a glob of Paris grey and few drops of SH daisy yellow...for a custom color...

A lot of elbow grease went into this little gem...and if you love Shabby chic then you will like the outcome....

You know sometimes you need to just go with it...grab it and growl ...And not underestimate your self....with out doubt you can achieve astounding things and dare to embark on wonderful journeys!


  1. Wow!! That is my reaction to a great job done! It is such a treasure now!

  2. that is such a wonderful transformation....lots of hard work sure did pay off!

  3. You did a great job! Beautiful result.