Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Serger knots and swatches

I purchased a White Speedylock Serger several years ago and it may have a few hours of use on it.

 I love the speed and professional look that it gives however to thread the thing is a royal pain in the Rump. 

The dust in it has been taken care of but it is definitely an indicator to how long it has been sitting.

I it is very nice and Holds 4 cones of thread...makes a wonderful overlock seam.  

Well today I decided to get her out and fire her up.  First was find the manual....then to clean and get the dust out of her.  She has been sitting covered for years.  I did have some fresh new cones of overlock thread to get me started...

I must have been on my game the last time that I used her.  I cut the thread before the tension dials so that I could see where everything went...and so that I could knot the new thread on and pull it manually through the machine.  This is a great trick with any machine that is a bear to thread.  Mental note..make sure that your knots are small and tight....and pull manually through the machine so that you can work the knot through the tensioners and needle eyes.

Now the next trick is one that not only do I use with this serger but also with my Cricut and Silhouette die cutting machine materials.  I make a swatch of the material that I am using and write on it the machine settings that works best.  I will leave these two swatches in the catch tray so that they stay with the machine.  On my die cutting machines I have a note book with all of the sample swatches taped in it.

The white fabric is muslin and I use it to make pillow forms when I want a custom size.  The next fabric is 10 oz drop cloth , I use it to make custom pillows.  Drop cloth and the muslin are fabrics that will unravel.  I have been encasing the edges in the hem on my pillows .  This takes twice the time to put them together.  I would be mortified if a customer went to wash their pillow and it came apart!  The serger I am sure will be a time saver and make a lot cleaner hem.  If you have the serger sitting from frustration of threading or rethreading I hope these little tidbits get you motivated.


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