Monday, September 21, 2015

Bunting and Decoupage and Cookies

If any of you have or had a small business then you know how expensive it can be at start up.  Not only are the proper license and raw material expensive but when you get to display material you just may be getting close to tapped out.  I was approached by a new business owner that wanted a funky vibe in her Shop and needed to update her display cases.  She also wanted some signage with out that industrial look.  The great thing about this job....She is opening a cookie shop and partnering with a coffee shop.  YUMMY!

The first eyesore in her shop was a second hand display case.  It had seen better days....

This case was covered in vinyl and was some what beat up.  It had seen better days.  I thought about chalk paint however changed my mind, considering the several layers it would take and it would not hide the rough texture.  Then I suggested that we decoupage it with vintage recipe pages.  She loved it...She is very hip.  I used a mix of Elmer's glue all and water.  I purchase the large containers of Elmer's at the hardware store to save money and mix it a little thick.. Two parts glue One part water and store it in a recycled Plastic creamer container.  Easy Easy to manage that way.  I poured my glue mix into a large gladware container..if I need to stop I just pop the lid on....Then tried to dip the page in an apply.  No luck.  Vintage pager is fragile so it disintegrated when it got the heavy wet mixture on it.  Plan B:  I brushed the glue mixture on to the case, applied the Page and then brushed over with more glue.  Here are some of the drawbacks on this:  The pages are going to will be harder to remove air bubbles and if you did not check your OCD at the door you are going to fret.  Consolation the pages go on in tact and after they dry they shrink pulling a lot of the wrinkles out.  (mental note make sure you allow enough overlap for shrinkage in the drying process)

The outcome is stunning!

I trimmed the case out with black Duck tape.  Have you seen the duck tape selections!  Whoo hoo...Just trying to consider what in my home needs a make over.!  The tip with duck tape is sharp scissors and patience think out what you are going to do before you adhere it.

Now she has seen some drop cloth bunting in my shop and wanted a sign made with the name of her shop on it.  Her signature color is a peach and I found a perfect match in the Americana Decor paint line called Smitten.
  The bunting flags measure 8 inches tall with 6 inch lettering.  I backed the flags on this project to make them look finished .  I top stitched the edges and attached them to a color matching ribbon. 

I cut the letters out of freezer paper using my Silhouette you can read about the technique HERE.

This Photo does not do the bunting justice.

What A fun vibe and an economical solution to making a tired case look fab.

She is so cute in her store.

I do hope that you are inspired to think outside of the case and if you are in Camden SC Stop in at Isom's Delights for a cookie and coffee.  Do not worry if you do not like coffee she also offers Ice cold milk.  


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  1. This looks creative....can't wait to see it in person!

  2. My display case is in sad, sad condition. DUH! Never thought of a make over! Milk and cookies sounds great. I need to get to Camden - having been in years. I lived in the King Haigler apartment when I taught In Bishopville. (1975!) Are they still there?

    1. Yes King Haigler apts are still standing...And Yes you need to get to Camden as soon as the roads clear up. We fared a lot better than Columbia...and unfortunately it is still going on ..So glad that you are well .....

  3. Yes King Haigler apts are still standing...And Yes you need to get to Camden as soon as the roads clear up. We fared a lot better than Columbia...and unfortunately it is still going on ..So glad that you are well .....

  4. Funny that I should stumble onto your site, because I am also inthe process of decoupaging an old trunk. You had me about checking our OCD at the door. Yours turned out wonderful.

    1. Mary thank you so much for stopping by....and I am sure that yours will be awesome....I hope you bumped around on my blog I have several posts on Decoupage and have used it in some unique ways...We have even covered our cell phone cases with Decoupage...I hope you get the chance to visit again! Sheryl