Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hash-Tag on the fence rail

Up cycled Fence rail signs...

I will have to admit that I have seen some great hash-tag sentiment and thought what a great sign they would make.

I had some fence rails still laying around...gave them a great coat of Southern Honey Maurice chalk paint.  I then used sandpaper to distress them just to the point that the original color peeks out..

The Silhouette Cameo and some over head projector film were used to cut the stencil

Painters tape was used to hold the stencil on to the board.

And to hold down a few loopies that wanted to stick up...

I always stencil onto wood and other semi hard surfaces  with a Make Up sponge.  They offer great even coverage without holding too much paint.  I have been lucky and found them dirt cheap at yard sales and Thrift stores....I am using them for paint and not make up so sterile clean is not an issue.. unused is.

They also leave just a little paint on your stencil making it easy to clean up and reuse.

I again sanded to lettering to soften it...and put a good coat of paste wax (Johnson's) to give it a clean smooth finish.

I hope you look at that scrap board differently and get inspired....Just remember that in order to chase your dreams and live the good life you must Forgive yourself!


  1. OK, so you have two or maybe even three great ideas in this post, not to mention some cute signs. Pinning, maybe to my tutorials board so I remember the makeup sponge tip.

    1. So glad you found something helpful! Makeup sponges rock in this project...because they hold very little paint and are even applicators. I am glad that you stopped by and thank you for the lovely comment. Take care Sheryl