Thursday, July 30, 2015

Key Cup holder

The general idea of not misplacing our keys is to put them in the same location all time.  And here is an inexpensive some what funky approach to a key holder.

What you will need:
Wooden bowl with thick base
reclaimed board
Liquid nail
picture holder

Tools you will need:
Band Saw or a saw to cut bowl in half
Screw driver or impact driver with bit
tack hammer
Paint brush or sponge
Sand paper or 1000 grit steel wool
Ruler or straight edge
Stencil or machine that will cut one for you 

After you have gathered all of your tools and supplies;  

Find the center radius on you bowl, or as close as you can get it.  You will need equal halves.

Sand the cut edges of your bowl halves.  

Paint the front of your board...

When it dries (may want to paint it first so that it dries while cutting the bowl) mark the back in order to know where to drill your holes.

I simply positioned the bowls where I wanted them to be and out lined them.  I then marked the thickest part of the out line and determined where I wanted to drill my holes.  This will be where you will attach the bowl.  Make sure that it is thick enough to handle a small screw.  If you feel you need to pre drill the bowl halves ( I got lucky and did not split one)  then place them back in the out lines after drilling and using awl or marker, mark through the drilled hole to the bowl.

Once you have determined where the bowl halves are going to be and pre drilled you are ready to attach your bowl halves.

Simply smear liquid nail on the edges line your predrilled holes up and attach with a screw.  I do not have photos of this process but you get the idea.  If you do not have liquid nail a heavy duty carpenters glue or E6000 will work as well.

Now you need to determine where you want your stencil to go and what size you need it.  

I used the program with my Silhouette and cut the stencil from a overhead projector sheet...I have a few of these boards so I can reuse the stencil.

Love this machine...because I also make these with it:

any way.. back to the project,,,

After you have your stencil placed and ready to go just stencil away ....

Allow to dry and distress is you want.  I used chalk paint for this project so I waxed the board with Johnson's paste wax and rubbed the bowl halves with Hemp oil...attach your hanger and you have a nice unique key holder.....You know these would make great coin holders to...Hmmmm I will think on that.....

Now the only thing left to do is hang it by the door you use the most and remember to drop your key in it.

Happy creating!

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  1. What a clever way to keep your keys where they can be found. Lovely pillows too!

  2. just what every kitchen of back porch needs. and so cute too!