Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pot Holder Face lifts....

 So in the midst of our half a kitchen renovation I decided I hated my mixed matched pot holders.....

I have everything from Christmas teddy bears to the fat French chef ....none of which matched anything in my kitchen.  The OCD kicks in because they sit in a stoneware antique platter above my stove.  
So here is how I addressed mixed matched pot holders on a budget.  

First the pot holders other than being stained still got the job done.  I had some drop cloth and upholstery fabric that I liked and matched the neutral tones of my kitchen.  I simply made a cover for the pot holders and sewed them in.....
Cut your desired fabric about an half inch larger then your pot holder.  I used a half inch seam allowance because the extra will come in handy when you are sewing them in.  
I  sewed three sides....right sides together...

Then turned it right sides out and finger pressed the seams..inserted the old pot holder...Turned  the back seam allowance over the edged of the pot  holder and turned to front allowance down and pinned them together.  

Sewed the seam down and continuing around the edges to tack you pot holder in so a wash will not bunch it up 

If you do not think that you caught enough of the pot holder on your edge seam then just tack it in the middle.  

The final face lift was a handle cover.  I have a few pans that go from stove top to oven to table.  To remind me and the family that it is hot I would hang a pot holder over it.  The solution, I saw on Facebook , was to fold over your pot holder and stitch three sides..leaving an opening to slide it over your pot handle.  
Worked like a I have a nice matching stack of pot holders Right in reach over the stove.  at little to no cost.  the perfect upcycle project.....
Here are some hints:  Make sure that you have the right needle for the Job.  Heavy duty to get through all the layers.  Cut the hang tags off the pot holders makes the edge smoother....and a machine washable fabric makes care easy...
I hope you see your fabric stash and old pot holders in a new light now....
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for stopping by and they were simple and a lot of fun..Hope you give it a try...

  2. awesome idea, simple cheap and what a difference xx

    1. Thank you for stopping by...and they were so much fun...

  3. I thought I was the only person with Christmas geese and bears and bunnies working as dishtowels and pot holders in my kitchen. I guess after seeing how neat yours look, I will have to change them. Love the fabric.

  4. Thank you Donna....I have enjoyed the change....Make sure you post your change....Thank you for stopping by!