Friday, May 15, 2015

This is sew sew much better..

Of course we all love that big project .   We love to read about it and like to be blown away by the After Photos.  This is not a big blow you away project, but  the after is not that bad .  A utilitarian sewing caddy not that expensive or even that well made, but I saw the potential and the fun.  

Unassuming little sewing box.  Made in China pretty well built but not that attractive.  

This was a great project for Annie Sloan Chalk paint in French Linen and graphite.  The stencils are from Martha Stewart. (used a 40% off coupon at Joann's)

Prep was light sanding and cleaning.  

Three thin coats of  paint with spritz of water to even it out a bit. 

Sanding lightly before applying stencil then light sanding after to distress.  

The inside of the drawer was Modge Podged with an 80's pattern .  I envisioned a vintage pattern doing this job.  I have a wonderful stash of 40's-1960's patterns.  BUTTT  I could not bring myself to cut one up.  

The top pin cushions were covered with drop cloth.  I love the raw color of a drop cloth and it went great with French Linen.  

This is "sew sew" much better!

Now it is brag time.  Hubby  is a big supporter if my blogging and my Booth located in Camden .  I had a very nice Pacifica that my good friend and neighbor quoted on a few occasions "man you can pack this thing."  However it was still limited.  We considered a mini van but did not want to store the seats.  So we started looking at Stow n go seating.  WOW what a nice feature.  So now we are the proud owners of a Town And Country with stow and go and a lot of other nice features.  I am a lucky gal!
Glad you stopped by!
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  1. Great makeover - the pattern inside is what really makes it!

    Nice car too. Love the red. My durango is red. Does yours have a trailer hitch on it? We use ours for towing all kinds of things - like a small trailer that we can pack with furniture. :-)

    1. Thank you ...I agree that pop in the drawers is a lot of fun. No this does not have a hitch..YET....but all the seat stow in the floor so there is a lot of cargo room....I actually had a large wardrobe in the back and some room to spare for smalls....Don't love used furniture....Thanks for stopping by....

  2. sweet little makeover and really sweet van, we have stow and go in our caravan and it is awesome, i am sure you will love it xx