Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New "SKIRT" for the woman cave.

Here is another example of our ever changing home.  We had a fabulous deck in the back yard.
It housed a sitting area and hot tub.  Looks nice and I really enjoyed that hot tub.  Well things change! The hot tub is gone and the black mold took its toll on the decking.  The upper level of the deck caved underfoot so we needed to make a plan.


And it took a few months...

ALMOST Ready to start the landscaping here!

Yes this story is going somewhere.....
The wood that could be salvaged we did....

The plan was to make a small deck from the floored lean to , that will tie it into the steps off the end of the Woman cave stoop.  I just love it when handy drags out the power tools...something exciting is about to happen.  

Almost there......

And look a small plot of real estate!  This stuff will also be recycled.

MUCH MUCH Better.  Makes that walk from lean to ..back to the shop a little easier on the knees.....and what gal does not love a decorating opportunity.
Glad you stopped by!

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  1. wow that looks great he does nice work and glad your enjoying it xx