Monday, May 4, 2015

back door redo do...

Hubby and I or well..Hubby built a screen porch on to the house a few years back.  You can read about it HERE.  I have been dragging my feet on what to do with the door .  I salvaged some shutters and stove grates to make an art project and hung it on the wall.

I wanted the door to somewhat match.  Yep and when you see the after ...somewhat is a loose term.  

The painting begins.....

First coat is a mix of Graphite ASCP and June Bug SHCP.  Holding on to hope here....its just the first coat....

once I had the door painted with that third coat I had added more Graphite to darken it up.  I gently sanded to smooth then clear waxed with some aqua latex paint mixed in to my wax then added antiquing wax to darken it is the after....

Close up

The general opinion is it looks dirty....and I guess that is better then " a toddler with a poopy diaper finger painted on it".  I guess it is back to the drawing board and the paint can...The up the time I get this right the door will have multiple coats of paint and will be well protected from the elements.  
Glad that you stopped by . 



  1. i must be off or something but i like the door i guess you could dry brush some paint over the poopy part lol and i adore your wall art xx

  2. Thank you.....and you know I like the dry brush part....will def. give that some thought....Thnx