Thursday, April 30, 2015

Red Tin Inn booth

I , as my grandmother would put it, just pit and a pat around.  I play.  To craft and create is wonderful therapy .  I am not making a killing at my booth however it does support the  crafting habit.  I thought I would offer a quick tour of what it looks like this week.  It is subject to change.

You may see something that has been on the blog.  
I have a few more vintage dresses left and they surprisingly are selling pretty well.

I love suitcases and if these stay much longer I will have them somewhere in the house holding well...something...

Well there you have it...does not take long to tour 100 sq feet.

Thank you for stopping by


  1. Pretty nice - I'd love to do this one day too.

    1. One day never comes..grab it and growl...Rent is worth square footage to decorate..fru fru...and make a buck or two. IT is a lot of fun...