Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Must have Tools...part 1 Electric or battery operated

Now I am by no means an expert on tools.  I am a woman that loves tools so the reasons that I may pick a tool is a little different than the mans point of view.  The number one tool in my shop is a Dremel.  Why?..It is versatile!!!!

This little guy will polish, grind...cut, engrave, router, dill, sand and detail.  From big Jobs to small.  There are a range of heads that you can get for this tool and extensions..even a stand to make it a drill press.  It is light and powerful ..easy to use!  All the things I like in a tool.  If you do not have one use google and see one in action.  A good base price for one with Extras will run you around 70 bucks.  A great investment.  And make sure it says "Dremel" these are not created equal.  

Second and what gets the most use in the cave is a set of 12volt Lithium MAX Dewalt drill and impact driver set .  I know what you are thinking is the 12 volt powerful enough and yes it is.  Here is what I have found.  The higher in voltage that you get the heavier the tool gets. The heavier the tool the more difficult it is to use .  IE not only am I trying to use the tool but I do not want to "man" handle it as well. These are light and easy to use and also have 3 led lights to make seeing your target easier.  There is a drill and impact driver in this set.  Let me define "impact driver" .  Here it is in woman terms: One handed use.  You can drive in a 6 inch screw without a pilot hole with one hand .  Yep easy ...the impact driver increases your torque so larger jobs are easier.  It is loud tool when you demand more torque from it but it is very very effective.  

It also has a long battery life.  

These will be a pricey investment they run as a set around 250-300 dollars depending on were you live.  I truly believe that these will be the last set of Scew driver and impact drivers that I will ever have buy.  Google them in action shop around and check out pawn shops....These will not disappoint....
I am so glad that you stopped by and are motivated to stock that woman cave...