Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mannequin with maps

Some times all of the elements you need must fall in your lap....I love it when this happens!

I was lucky at the local thrift and found this Mannequin with out the base for 5.00 bucks.  It screamed maps and Decoupage.  
I make my own "Modge Podge" if I am tackling a project this large.  I buy the gallon jug of Elmers Glue all at Lowes and mix it 2 parts glue to 1 part water.  I like it a little thicker so that it does not drip,  I finish off the project with a clear coat spay.  And Mental Note vinyl gloves will make this project easier.  If you have to stop you can easily have clean hands by removing the gloves.  

 I also had a old antique lamp base that had a life as a humming bird feeder holder.  It was a little tall so I broke out the dremel.  This is a must have tool for any crafter.  I used this with a reinforced cutting disk and cut off the top of this lamp post . Mental Note wear protective eye wear not glasses but eye wear that is designed to wear while using tools. Make sure that you are not standing in the middle of flammable material this made sparks.  

I married the two together and wow what a funky statement..

I am so glad that you stopped by !

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you !..and thank you for stopping by!

  2. I just LOVE this!! I have been wanting a mannequin forever....what a great way to embellish her! I will have to pin this for when I find mine!

    1. I hope you find one soon...I was so much fun....easy peasy project...Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Sheryl I found your decoupage, This is fantastic. I really love the maps. Right now I have a book which is about 50 years old and it has yellowed pages which is what I am using.

    1. Sounds is a hint...Graphics Fairy has wonderful printable graphics and you could print on to your vintage book page for a overlay effect. I had a friend use sheet music and "splashed" graphics on to her project it was awesome..Oh she was doing the upper body of a mannequin...