Thursday, September 4, 2014

On the Cheap.


I am not an extreme couponer however I do clip , tear and load to the card to help the grocery bill.
I probably shop on a regular basis at a Grocery store some of you do not:

Why you ask???
I have been the Hubby still is and the Son is now a Kroger Employee.  In a way Kroger pays the mortgage and shopping there is.. well.. job security.
The Plant where my husband has been employeed at, for  32 years,is a Kroger owned plant.  The incentive is 10 percent off of Kroger product with the exception of meat and deli.  It racks up!
With that being said I most of the time go into Kroger with some what of a strategy and I want to share some of those with you .  
Todays savings:
Kroger is running their buy 5 save $5.00 promotion.
Ie buy any 5 products that are marked with a 5 tag and get 5 bucks off your bill.  I took 15.00 off my bill today with this well as ...
Old El Paso Dinner kits were $1.49 with the incentive..I loaded .60 cents off of 3 on my shopper card.
That is $1.29 each yes it is processed and I will not serve this every night however some nights the break is nice and the teenagers are happy.  
This fullfilled 3 of the 5...I purchased 2 6 packs of Propel water they were 2.99 one of the packs had a peel off coupon for 2 bucks off of two...  that makes each one $1.99.
I have saved $7.60 off my Bill with one buy 5 incentive.
Next 5..
12 pack of lean Pockets on sale for 9.99 however with the buy 5 you get another dollar off and I had a manuf. cuopon for a dollar.
Snickers minis 11.50 oz bag were 1.99 with the incentive I loaded a coupon for $2.00 off of two bags..making each bag .99 cents.  
Number 4 of the incentive International Delight Caramel Macchiato 24 single serve were 1.99 with the incentive I had a .50cent coupon making it 1.49.
Number 5 Quaker maple and brown sugar oat meal 1.99 with the incentive .
Total saving on this 5 for 5 $8.50

Last 5
32 oz Mahatma brown rice 1.19 each..purchased 2
box of Triscuits 1.49 purchased 1
Down hand care 1.99 and had loaded coupon to card for .50 cents more off..1.49 final cost.
Peperidge Farm Sourdough bread 2.49 (splurge but love it)

Total savings this round: $5.50
Total savings 21.60 with loaded coupons and the buy 5 incentive.

Not on the incentive but good deals:
16 count Foster Farms corn dogs $5.99 I had a coupon for $3.00 off and Loaded a coupon for a free K cola .89 cents..another night off ..that make the box of 16 $2.99 with free beverage.  
Instant cream of Wheat a little high $3.89 I had a $1.50 off making the item $2.39..
Don Francisco's 12 k cups Kona Blend Coffee 6.99 with shopper card discount (2.00 savings) and I had 1.50 coupon making the final cost 5.59.
Total savings including first 3 buy 5 save 5 incentives $30.49.
Employee Discounts and shopper card discounts $17.32
Grand total off of my bill this week $47.81
and I earned 117 Fuel Points
Next post using fuel points and how to make the most points with the least spent money!
Happy Savings!

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