Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dump Gift Nightstand RE-DO

I first need to apologize for the poor Quality of these photos.  Camera battery was dead so I grabbed the phone.  

Now on with the post....I love it when Hubby comes home from a trash run grinning proclaiming he found me something!  Really how better a wife can I be if dump finds are like getting jewelery?

This poor little nightstand had been "dumped".

The cave embraced its flaws..

Some damage to the back legs and marks and dings from being used and discarded.

I decided to use Annie Sloan Paris grey chalk paint and distress to the yellow.  Mental note..I have had this can for a year and noticed that I had more brush marks then normal, this paint has really thickened.  I may need to add a little water or flow medium before my next project.  With the cosmetic textural flaws on this pc I did not sweat the stroke marks but on a little nicer surface they are going to pose a problem. 

I did not touch the hardware.  It was nicely distressed and I love it.

I used fine steel wool and fine 600 grit sand paper to distress and buff .  I like the yellow shining through.  I though about following up with a dark wax but felt that it would really high lite the brush strokes as well as the cosmetic issues, so I skipped it.  I used clear only.

Nope this is not a new looking item. It is shabby with flaws however still a sturdy piece of furniture. 
She is displayed at the booth....and ready to go.

Hope your summer was fantastic and this post finds you well.

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  1. sheryl i think you did a fantastic job considering what you had to work with xx

    1. Thank you so exciting when HUbby dumpster dives....

  2. Beautiful! These are my absolute favorite pieces to work on. They rarely need any work.

    1. Maureen I so agree....if that damage wasn't on the back would still be yellow. and the price was just glad that you stopped by!

  3. Hi Sheryl! Great job on this re-do! What a lucky girl you are to have a hubby who understands just want you want!! Yay for him! Love the paint you chose. Pretty pumpkins on top of it too! Cheers, Catherine (latest follower of your blogging adventures!) :)

    1. Thank you Catherine! I am a lucky gal...So glad that you have become a follower..Those pumpkins where also a lot of fun..I think I will make a quick tutorial on making them they are easy...and a good way to clean out the fabric statsh. Again thank you for your lovely comments.!