Friday, July 11, 2014

Vintage Love....Space age cleaning!

The main reason I picked this interesting vacuum cleaner up was for resell.....

However when I got her home and cleaned her up I was hooked. 
Made in the late 50's this is the Model 86 Hoover  Constellation ..
The cleaner that walks on air....
No kidding....the exhaust port is on the bottom in the center of the disk base. It glides across the floor...If you have  high end hardwood floors I would not recommend it ..however we have laminate that has endured around 20 years of a wheel chair so I am not that picky.

I think Ms. Jetson may have something similar!
It does a good job and is a lot of fun to use , easy to maneuver and whoda thunk a floating vacuum.


  1. we had one when i was a kid we loved following mom and pushing the vac with our pinkies lol xx

    1. what wonderful memories! glad this post reminded you of good times.....